You’re ready for change – self-transformation! You’ve had enough and you’re through with playing the same old games. Self-Transformation Sessions are about making you happy so that you can enjoy living!


    You’ve got a clear vision about something the world needs, yet you’re not getting there or it’s becoming very hard work? Business transformation sessions are for Conscious Leaders,  small business owners or entrepreneurs that need a guiding hand and can change everything!


    Not sure what to do or where to go for help? Inspired Guidance is the go too for when you need another opinion! We look at the bigger picture, we consider your options. Let’s do it – Inspired Guidance for a different perspective.

How I Work


  • Inspiration


    An inner thought or feeling that inspires us to take action. Christine Amala has honed and refined her inner guidance.  She has her own form of GPS system that guides her clearly and precisely. Her guidance comes from that inner knowing, insight and intuition that supports you in your quest for change and success.



    Emotional freedom technique (EFT), Tapping as it’s known, is just the most magical therapy I have ever come across! Try it on anything is the slogan and I have! EFT has been the most wonderful and effective change bringer in my own life. I have got creative with it and when you add my Inspired Guidance […]

  • Mother Whale Codes


    These beautifully crafted meditation and healing tools, The Mother Whale Codes, have touched the hearts of many seekers of truth around the world. Developed for the Sacred Mystery School they have their own intelligence, presenting to you the perfect daily opportunity to create incredible change in your intuition and guidance.


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What are valued clients saying about us

  • Dear Amazing Amala, I would like to PayPal you if possible for your beautiful cards. Please forgive my delay in making this connection… Do you have a paypall account ? If not email me your address and I’ll mail you a check. Hope all is well! Sending much love, Kayaishia (more…)

  • Living in HK, let me know what times work for you. Next week Mon and Wed is good for me. (more…)

  • THIS IS A PRIVATE ON AIR INVITATION from Nicole Marie Whitney at NEWS FOR THE SOUL BROADCASTING! Hello Christine :–) I felt inspired to send you this very special private invitation… My name is Nicole Marie Whitney. I’m the producer, founder and host of News for the Soul Broadcasting. If you are unfamiliar with NFTS, […]

  • I'd seen mediums before and I'm always quite skeptical but straight away I knew Christine was channeling Jim. Christine wasn't only able to help me get some insights I needed but she also helped me with my grief. Christine is a naturally gifted, beautiful and kind soul and I can't recommend her enough.

    Angela Cummins-Pirie
  • “I had some EFT sessions with Christine when I was facing a very stressful business situation that sparked some severe emotional and physical pain. I loved her practical, down-to-earth, no-BS approach to her work, her gift for intuitively knowing the perfect thing to say, her ability to see possibilities in me that I wasn’t seeing […]

  • I felt so much better afterward. Came home and slept on the couch for over an hour! Am feeling more integrated today, way less emotional...

    Lynne Edel
  • She holds a safe and trusting space for us to explore our own hidden fears, insecurities, and shadows and assist us in bringing them to light.

    Melven, Vancouver Connecting with the Essense
  • “Christine works with a number of modalities which she uses really effectively in her work. I am transitioning from twenty years of safe, secure, employment into working for myself.  Christine has helped me shift my fear and the areas that I am hesitant about. It’s amazing, how my energy changed throughout her session to a […]

    Barbara Cooper - Educational Consultant - Hong Kong
  • "The Celestial Doorway Journey is magical and through guided hypnosis by Christine I connected with angels, cleared a self-limiting thought pattern, made peace with a loved one and walked away feeling lighter."

    Tricia Vanier Celestial Doorway Journey
  • By the end of the session I felt that a heavy burden had been lifted from me and I sensed some hope for the future! I was struggling with forgiveness and Christine helped me get to a place where I considered the possibility that I could forgive.

    Helen Maree