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Leap of Faith

06 January

A few years ago i got it my head that someone important was coming into my life very soon. I was so sure I bought extra food and prepared my home for that extra special person to arrive. I shared a house at the time and remember my friend getting a phone call that I answered (remember home phones) and then passed the phone over. I was convinced that this was them! And in a funny way it was – but not like I thought.
That person came to stay with us too and some time later they took me to a party that I would not have otherwise been able to go where I met a guy who offered me a part time job. He also invited me to a party at his house and that’s where I met that very important person.
Every step of the way I had to let go of my preconceived ideas and go with the flow. It was hard not to give up, get despondent and even depressed when it didn’t work out the way I thought it would or should. It was a huge TRUST & FAITH exercise which was just the beginning of my training so to speak! haha.
Tapping or EFTLeap of Faith is a fabulous way of getting out of your own way! It’s a skill that’s easy to learn and easy to do anywhere, anytime. To get started and to dig through some of the gritty stuff I recommend starting off with 3 sessions, that way we have a chance to get to a place where you can experience a real difference! There’s so much more to life, why not enjoy it! It’s all about taking that leap of faith!

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