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A Journey with Faith and Trust

13 January

Postcard from AA MichaelI took all the money I had in the bank to buy a cheep ticket to New York when I went to see my friends perform their play in 1998 at the Israeli Embassy. When I lost the ticket I had to wait for a dear friend to help me with her Air miles because in those days it was still paper tickets that were non refundable! It coincided with friends of a friend going away and so they asked if I’d like to cat sit.
Cat’s and me have an interesting relationship. I like them well enough but if I as much as get a single hair on me or touch one and touch my face I get asthma – quickly and severely. Still, like always I thought I could manage. It was worth it in so many ways because the apartment was in Tribeca, very close to Battery Park where the World Trade Centre’s still stood back then and close enough to see Staten Island, the ferries and the incredible Statue of Liberty. (The asthma is another story)
I had just discovered that I could dowse and so experimented by navigating New York without a tourists guide! I think I must have worn out at least 2 pairs of shoes! It took me a while to figure out how easy it was to use the buses and the metro! I called the whole experience “90 days in the Wilderness” because it turned out to be a huge experiment in that old familiar “TRUST & FAITH” routine!
Every morning I would stand outside the block and ask which way and walk until I got to a corner and ask again which way do I go? To be honest I had a ball! Occasionally though I’d get mad and frustrated when I walked around the block and end up where I began, just on a different side of the street or looking at it from a different angle.
It was one of those days where I was standing on the corner, when someone asked what I was doing from their perch at a cafe. I ended up going to join them and being introduced to other locals who were fascinated by the story. They took me under their wing and shared me among themselves, offering accommodation in some groovy addresses where I could house sit and others who paid me for late night healing sessions that saved me from starvation! I went along to this one woman’s house, usually regularly at 10pm and gave her a Reiki healing session while trying hard not to fall asleep on her!
I visited an Aids patient who was very ill at the hospital often and was paid by one of the cafe crowd for my time and trouble in cash and food. There was always someone who had something for me or knew someone else that did.
They took me to Fire Island, a place I had no idea existed! They have no roads and no cars on the Island and have the most amazing sea food restaurants I have ever found! We held an “ashes ceremony” for a Brother that had recently died. It turned out to be quite a moving and emotional letting go that took place while we were up to our ankles in surf.
When I think back I realize that there was no mobile phones! We used phone cards in the millions of sidewalk phone boxes. And I was guided to be in the right place at the right time to meet the exact right person for the day.
Phillip a cafe friends husband approached me to ask if I could help him out by taking his place on their summer vacation to the Hamptons. He had booked a cottage on the beach and found he wasn’t able to get away from work and thought his wife wouldn’t be quite so angry if I would go too. At the time money was incredibly short so I said I couldn’t as I had to keep doing the Reiki to manage. He paid me the same rate because it was worth it to have a solution! Lucky me got 2 weeks in the Hamptons and let me tell you it’s just like you see it in the Movies, but even better! A good thing that the wife was cool about it and we had fun!
There was one night where I didn’t have a solution to where I was sleeping  and visualized ending up on the platform of Grand Central Station! I was besides myself with worry and sat on a bench in the park when a Doctor I had met briefly came to sit and chat. I ended up telling him my woeful story and he asked what options I had. The thing was, I had a key to someones house but hadn’t been able to contact them to ask permission. We talked about the worse that could happen and the Dr suggested that they had given me the key as a back up plan, it was just my fear of offending them. It turned out that they came back 3 days later and were incredulous that I had been at all worried and happy to have been of help. Bless their generosity.
I was walking along one day swinging my pendulum and this homeless guy came flying out of no-whereAA Michael shouting at me to go back to where I came from! It could have been tricky but for some crazy reason I wasn’t in the least bit afraid. I had been walking with Arch Angel Michael at that particular moment and could only think that he might well have been able to see him. And – lets be honest if some people knew that I did think I was walking around with a big Angel by my side, talking to him – I may have been thought to be more crazy than the other guy!
The last part of my trip was to go by coach up to Lake Placid and see a fabulous lady I had met on my trip to Sarajevo. Jean Parr Noth a celebrated TV Show host in the 1960/70’s and quite the most amazing person who was well in her 70’s back then.(Mum to Christopher Noth the Actor) The coach left from New York via Albany and took about 10 hours! We were arriving at the stop I needed at around 8.30pm and my mind was beginning to play havoc – what if she wasn’t there? She was and we had a wonderful visit. That part of New York State is famous for it’s “camps” – well a camp to most people means tents – not here. They are beautiful cabins built in the woods and some of them are huge or at least many small ones attached to a central hub that create the camp. We visited a couple who were direct decedents to George Washington and Henry Ford who’s camp would have rivalled “Dallas’ Southfork” and had their own generator run by a mini waterfall from their ginormous trout lake! We had dinner with another family – he was the retired minister from Harvard and the conversations were stimulating and marvellous!
It was a truly wonderful “mistake” that I cherish for it’s richness and complexity. New York was an amazing educational experience!

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