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Inspired Guidance – Divine Inspiration

27 April

Inspired Guidance Divine Inspiration Over the years I have discovered my own inner voice, my Inspired Guidance. I practiced, trained, trusted, feared and believed! It’s exactly the same as any other skill, you have to stick to it, keep at it and totally believe you can do it. Refining, improving and focusing. When I first […]

Grounding Techniques

21 April

We really do seem to be experiencing some strange and upsetting times. So much fear surrounds us and it’s critical that we manage to stay grounded and keep an open heart. I thought that this little video might help you to get an idea of how easy it is to keep your energy flowing. I […]

Change the Belief & Change the Biology

06 April

Our lives are often filled with challenges and uncertainty that require choices. If we change the belief we have about the memory associated with the choice we can change our entire biology! When we calculate our options we shift through our memory for information and experience to assist with the decision and action we need […]