Archive | June, 2013

Adding Value To Life

25 June

I realized that i am adding value to my clients life after seeing a client who had what are known as “Indigo Children“, kids with special aptitudes, gifts, talents. They also have huge challenges living, even existing in our world. They may be brilliant, ADHD, Autistic or any other label for children with every day […]

Mother Whale Meditation

15 June

Mother Whale Meditation At last, I’ve recorded a new Mother Whale Meditation this morning! About time I can hear some of you saying. (smile) And yes, I agree. What is a Mother Whale Meditation? It all began in the year 2003 when these new and exciting divinity deck was born whilst I attended the Divine […]

Inner Programming

05 June

Kindness to our self is so difficult with all of our Inner Programming. We struggle with these complex thoughts of self doubt and feelings that erode our confidence and therefore our immune system. It’s all related! Our Inner Programming has taken years of constant work to reach a toxic level that combined with our life […]

Potential to be Universal

01 June

What if we all had the potential to be Universal, to believe we are connected to everything? Accept that we are part of all that is? Maybe that’s a bit too much to comprehend, a little overwhelming? Hard to get your head around and almost impossible to accept. And even if it were true, what […]