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Magical Manifestation Meditation

25 January

Take a moment to connect with this Magical Manifestation Meditation. Bright green light twists and turns like a ballerina as it rises up towards a specific point of light above you. Once it has decided which of the chakra points most needing it’s powerful intervention it hones in like a missile right on target. This […]

Transforming From Blocked to Bliss

14 January

Transforming From Blocked to Bliss! When I was going through early menopause and felt like I couldn’t cope with life. My Relationship caused me a lot of pain and heart-ache and that was not my fault. My job was demanding, stressful and not what I wanted to do. How could this all be my fault? […]

Celestial Doorway Journey

08 January

Christine Amala Hayes Inspired Guidance & Much More 26th January – 8th February The Sanctuary has a special place in my heart. It’s a fabulous space for me and many other light-workers and light-seekers right in the heart of Hong Kong that offers more than what is on the menu. Phil Davies and his wonderful […]

Tapping your way to Emotional Freedom with Christine Amala

01 January

Who Am I? Christine Amala Hayes, Amala was the spiritual name I received when I attended the Sacred Mystery School with Qala in New Zealand and Australia. If you look Ama up in the dictionary it means ask me anything. Appropriate I thought! I am a Psychic, Spiritual Development Coach, Advanced Level EFT Therapist, Hypnotist […]

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