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Help For The Broken Hearted

28 February
Broken hearted

Aches and pains in the body are often easier to deal with than emotional pain. Anyone who has ever felt broken hearted knows that pain relievers don’t take horrible gut wrenching ache away. Heartbreak comes in many forms too. You may have been left by a lover or partner. It could be your parents that […]

10 Suggestions for Natural Pain Relief

26 February
Natural pain relief

It’s hard to imagine what it is like to live with intense pain every single day. In an extreme case, my Mum had a very dear friend that sadly committed suicide because she could no longer cope with the pain she suffered within her face and head. Her team of doctors had literally given up […]

How to Relieve Pain with EFT

25 February

When there is pain in the body it’s often hard to think that there is a solution other than a “Pain Killer”. I know that when I recently fell and injured my ankle I was certainly glad to have access to Ibuprofen and didn’t care what it might or might not do long term. I was […]