Archive | November, 2015

Constant Anxiety

26 November

How would your life be without constant anxiety? Anxiety is terrible to cope with. Being anxious all of the time about everything is so debilitating and really difficult to live with, for you and the people around you. It affects everything you do and stops you from doing lots that you’d do if you were […]

Rewards of Service

25 November

I got involved with the London Colleges in the early 1990s and contributed to a panel that was trying to find ways of meeting the requirements of employers. It was interesting to be a part of the changes in educating future hotel employees and I valued the experience. Because of my willingness to help I […]

Different Personality – Different Mojo

23 November

Let’s face it everyone has a different personality, a different mojo so how could one style possibly fit all when your working with a client? I loved working with a photographer, he was a challenge until I found a way to keep up with his incredibly fast mind that chattered away, over analyzing everything even […]

Pregnancy SOS

22 November

When a clients daughter’s pregnancy wasn’t going so well she sent me a note to ask what I could do help remotely as her daughter wasn’t all that keen on spooky stuff. The baby had some serious problems and the Mum was panicking as well as making some crazy decisions that seemed totally unreasonable, she […]

When things don’t go as planned

21 November

Things don’t always go as planned – but there’s always a plan, it’s just sometimes not what we expect! At the same Chelsea Hotel I recruited a new young enthusiastic and dynamic lad for a key position in the management team. Once again it was a gamble that paid off as far as the hotel […]