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Adding Value To Life

25 June

I realized that i am adding value to my clients life after seeing a client who had what are known as “Indigo Children, kids with special aptitudes, gifts, talents. They also have huge challenges living, even existing in our world. They may be brilliant, ADHD, Autistic or any other label for children with every day challenges living an everyday life. This mother came to me as a referral about three years ago as she had a child who presented with some of the above symptoms and she wished to understand him better so that she could help him. We had a consultation and away she went armed with information and understanding as well as practical solutions and just like most clients I didn’t hear from her again.

This week the client returned and the first thing she told me was “What an incredible difference I had made to their families life.”  With a little understanding and change to their diets and thinking they had found ways of managing day to day life with much more ease and much less pain. Three years down the line they needed to reassess and re-evaluate, add a new framework and understand new challenges that were presenting themselves.

Results – happy family, happy children! Adding value to life, like “the proverbial ripple in the pond”, it goes even further than that. If the child has parents that understand and know how to deal with them it’s a win win all the way round. The teachers win, the other children win as the kids in school win and the parents certainly win!

Here’s what this Mother of Three actually wrote after the session

“Christine is amazing.  I have been to see her for help with my children and their needs.  She has been so helpful and has provided so much clarity and guidance.  It feels as if she knows them personally. 

She is a very kind and compassionate person and genuinely wants to help.  Thank you so much Christine!”  Julie – Mother of Three 

When I look at the glowing testimonials I have received about my work, I can actually appreciate that the change is adding value to life one person at a time! At last she cried!

What’s keeping you restricted and not allowing you to see how you can add value to your life?

  • What thought process is holding you there?
  • What belief do you have about yourself  or a situation?
  • What fear is keeping you stuck?

I can tell you from experience that it’s going to surprise you as it’s usually something that happened early on in your life and was thought of as “nothing much”. Of course there are some of you with much bigger events and memories, but even then it’s often a “straw that broke the camels back”, in other words, one small thing that tipped the balance and was just too much.

My own procrastinating issues

When I did some investigating into my own procrastinating issues I went back to “helping Mummy” issues that to be the more I helped the more there was to help with! Even looking at it brought tears to my eyes so I knew I had hit the jackpot. And guess what – you got it! Tap Tap Tap

Looking at how I was adding value to my own life

I’m continuing with my “Green Smoothie” regime because it makes me feel alive and alert (cucumber, celery, parsley, cilantro, spinach, ginger, coconut water, apple, lemon and lime). I actually want to go on my 60 minute walk (amazing) and that has definitely added value to my life.

On my walks I listen to Hay House books and meditations, I am listening to “meditations for a miraculous life” by Marianne Williamson. I love her voice, her choice of words, they resonate with me powerfully and I feel calm and peaceful which is definitely adding value to my life!

I planted a container of flowers of beautiful pink geraniums surrounded by fuchsias that I can see from where ever I sit in my apartment lounge and even though they cost little, they sure are adding value to my life.

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