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AhAh Moments

18 December

AhAh MomentYesterday I had a haha moment!
We were talking about big family Christmas’s and the arguments that can & do happen and I said that never happened at our house because Mum was a Jehovah Witness so we didn’t have Christmas after Dad died.
As I talked, I mentioned that Christmas planning had always been hugely important to me – because i didn’t want to be on my own and so had to sort where I was going early. My friend casually said “That’s why you wanted to book the Christmas lunch in July?”
And I had – The hotel hadn’t even opened their bookings and I’m sure they thought I was nuts but they kindly took the details before I went off on my travels in the summer!
What I’m getting at is my Christmas Stress starts in the summer and I hadn’t associated that I put so much energy into it!
I wonder just how many other memories run our subconscious mind to create these tensions that are running our lives? And no wonder other people can’t work out why we need to do it our way!
The thing is that now I know it’s pretty easy to clear in a few minutes with EFT – and that’s the secret of a great session – uncovering these little secret thoughts and feelings that we have coveted and that create havoc so we can finally let them go!

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