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Suggestions for Coping with Loss and Grief

07 September

I’m just mulling over how we communicate that awful gut wrenching parting of our loved ones and been giving the terminology of death a closer examination of late and find it’s quite interesting how hard it is to say “ They died” or “They are dead”. To me, it feels almost brutal and such a […]

Be The Change you want for 2017

17 December

Be the change you want to see in your own life Bring in a new exciting and freeing way of living for 2017 It’s almost that time of year where we consider how we can go forward and Be The Change we want for the coming year.  We usually assess the past one and make […]


08 December

Getting Blindsided Getting blindsided is when you don’t see it something coming. It comes from an unexpected source, you’re usually unprepared, and it literally knocks you off your feet! It is literally any situation that leaves you feeling stunned, shocked, and powerless. Maybe you got made redundent/laidoff from work? Relationship Trauma – Argument, Abuse, Separation, Divorce? […]

Total Overwhelm

14 September

Are you dealing with total overwhelm and stress? Has life become too much to cope with? Are you easily affected by life in general? Our daily coping skills are nothing short than amazing! Multi-tasking becomes a way of life for many of us. One stress to many can easily tip the balance and we have […]

Clearing Repeating Patterns with EFT

04 August

Clearing Repeating patterns with EFT/Tapping Have you noticed how you keep coming up with the same set of circumstances in your life? Do you keep making the same decisions,? Get the same results? Are you a “Blamer” and believe it’s someone else’s fault? Do you keep falling into the same traps, the same big hole […]

Teacher’s Lasting Gift

15 July

A teacher’s lasting gift might not always be the one you want to remember! It’s a shocking fact that not all teachers are equal but they do all leave a lasting impression. My own nemesis was Miss Gardner – I can see her now, after more than 55 years, I was only 6 years old. […]

Surrendering – Letting Go!

27 January

I took my first “Train the Trainer” course around 1979 at London’s Cafe Royal, while I actually worked at The Grosvenor House in Park Lane. My training buddy was a chef who decided that by the end of the session I would be able to bone a chicken! I still know how after all these […]

Flower Remedies for this time of the year

22 January

It’s that time of year where even the strongest heart and mind can become glum, despondent, tired and even morose. The perfect flower remedies for this time of the year are so surprisingly amazing, especially to this kind of person who never needs any help and would poo poo this simple helper. A woman that […]

A Journey with Faith and Trust

13 January

I took all the money I had in the bank to buy a cheep ticket to New York when I went to see my friends perform their play in 1998 at the Israeli Embassy. When I lost the ticket I had to wait for a dear friend to help me with her Air miles because […]

Groundhog Day

08 January

Cookery Classes at school were difficult for me because Mum didn’t have the spare the money to buy the ingredient and mostly thought that it was a waste of time. It was deeply upsetting and humiliating for me to be left out. I was sure that I was laughed at by the other kids and […]