Business Transformation

 If you’re a one man band or you’re out there on your own, Business Transformation is just the thing for you.  Maybe you have reached the top of the company tree or you’re an entrepreneur, what you may have in common is that you’re in need of a confidential and inspired “buddy” to give you “Spiritual Business Guidance”.


Business Transformation

  • If you think that there must be a better way to manage but don’t know how.
  • If you are constantly overwhelmed with worry.
  • If you have employee problems but don’t have personnel experience and feel lost and unsure what to do.
  • Would love to share some of the burden of management but have no outlet
  • Just need a sounding board, a hand to hold to walk you through those tough decisions.

 Business Transformation is for Conscious Leaders who want to develop their style, who want to change their footprint. For those who need hand holding, a shining light or just someone to share their love, their passion.


This is an invitation to build relationships that are built on mutual trust and understanding. It’s about caring and seeing how you can and do have an impact, a knock on effect, with every decision you make.

        • Business Transformation – Change YOUR thought and change the business result.
        • Business Transformation – Choose to care about life in your heart and let that care ripple out into your life, your business and the world.
        • Business Transformation – Care about our self and you’ll care about the environment, care about the future and the world we live in.

Business Transformation begins with your relationships we will re-evaluate them to see just how they impact your everyday life, the decisions you make and the way you look at life in general. Many clients are shocked at what old memory have somehow locked itself into replay, creating a distorted story in our minds, impacting everything we do and say. Not always in a good way!You will look at how you can create a different way to operating and “WIN” on every level of your life. You will learn to think out of the box, in the box and under the box to find solutions were you have considered all of the options, thought it though, right to the end. 

At the end of the day, everything we do, comes back to relationships!

            • The relationship we have with ourselves.
            • The relationship with our Tribe (Family).
            • The relationship with our Land (Planet)


Christine Amala works primarily with EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, a simple and effective self-help practice.  In a session, we tap on acupressure points to balance the body energy system as we talk. The outcome is a shift in our awareness that creates a calmer feeling and clearer thinking. Miraculously, doors can open once we have shifted the “baggage” we have been holding onto from our past. Christine’s intuitive edge combined with EFT creates achievable lasting change.

The more sessions you book in advance the more you save!

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