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How to Relieve Pain with EFT

25 February

When there is pain in the body it’s often hard to think that there is a solution other than a “Pain Killer”. I know that when I recently fell and injured my ankle I was certainly glad to have access to Ibuprofen and didn’t care what it might or might not do long term. I was […]

Transforming From Blocked to Bliss

14 January

Transforming From Blocked to Bliss! When I was going through early menopause and felt like I couldn’t cope with life. My Relationship caused me a lot of pain and heart-ache and that was not my fault. My job was demanding, stressful and not what I wanted to do. How could this all be my fault? […]

Tapping your way to Emotional Freedom with Christine Amala

01 January

Who Am I? Christine Amala Hayes, Amala was the spiritual name I received when I attended the Sacred Mystery School with Qala in New Zealand and Australia. If you look Ama up in the dictionary it means ask me anything. Appropriate I thought! I am a Psychic, Spiritual Development Coach, Advanced Level EFT Therapist, Hypnotist […]

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Disillusioned with Life?

16 September

How sad that someone as brilliant as Robin Williams would take his own life? Could something have been done differently? I’m sure his family and his loved one’s have asked that question more than once, as does anyone who has had the terrible misfortune of losing a family member or someone that is close to them. […]

Want to change my life but don’t know how

14 July
Changing the laces

Want to change my life but don’t know how! Wonder why you keep getting the same tired results in your life? Are you worn out with the “same old same old” story? I’ve had a problem for most of my life finding shoes that fit. I’ve spent a fortune on “good” brands only to discard them […]

Are you ready for transformation

09 July

What if you don’t know what you want? It’s a great question that you’re often asked – What do you want? After talking to hundreds of clients I think it’s safe to say more people don’t know what they want than those that do! How can I find out what I want? 1) You know […]

Surrogate Tapping

12 April

I offered to help with surrogate tapping when I found out how my niece’s baby boy went rigid with fear every time he heard the hair dryer or the hoover (vacuum). I just did one round of surrogate tapping! “Even though my name is —— and i get scared I feel afraid when I hear […]

Spiritual Support Equals Success

17 July

Spiritual Support Equals Success About nine years ago when I first started a new career at The New Age Shop in Central Hong Kong I met a client, a young man who came for “Spiritual Support”, for “Spiritual Guidance” on his thoughts about becoming a Western Doctor. He was already a qualified teacher and had studied […]

Adding Value To Life

25 June

I realized that i am adding value to my clients life after seeing a client who had what are known as “Indigo Children“, kids with special aptitudes, gifts, talents. They also have huge challenges living, even existing in our world. They may be brilliant, ADHD, Autistic or any other label for children with every day […]

Inner Programming

05 June

Kindness to our self is so difficult with all of our Inner Programming. We struggle with these complex thoughts of self doubt and feelings that erode our confidence and therefore our immune system. It’s all related! Our Inner Programming has taken years of constant work to reach a toxic level that combined with our life […]