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Surrendering – Letting Go!

27 January

I took my first “Train the Trainer” course around 1979 at London’s Cafe Royal, while I actually worked at The Grosvenor House in Park Lane. My training buddy was a chef who decided that by the end of the session I would be able to bone a chicken! I still know how after all these […]

A Journey with Faith and Trust

13 January

I took all the money I had in the bank to buy a cheep ticket to New York when I went to see my friends perform their play in 1998 at the Israeli Embassy. When I lost the ticket I had to wait for a dear friend to help me with her Air miles because […]

What I would do differently

05 January

I was just wondering to myself what I would do differently then than I would now because I haven’t always been doing what I do now. In the late 1980’s I had a demanding job that was responsible for several departments with a lot of staff and a huge budget to reach. It’s funny to […]

Simple Guided Meditation

11 May
Simple Guided meditation

A Simple Guided Mediation for “This Energetic Time” Give yourself the gift of space and the blessing of time to be at one with your self and within this place of peace and ease, take time to breathe and become at one with the breath. Find your own rhythm, your own reliable pace, which feels […]

Magical Manifestation Meditation

25 January

Take a moment to connect with this Magical Manifestation Meditation. Bright green light twists and turns like a ballerina as it rises up towards a specific point of light above you. Once it has decided which of the chakra points most needing it’s powerful intervention it hones in like a missile right on target. This […]

Inspired Guidance

24 August

INSPIRED GUIDANCE ON TAP I am currently in the UK and have been receiving wonderful daily inspired guidance that I thought I would share with you.   Saturday 24th August Another shower of light rains down upon us from Helios our beloved radiant being of light, who shares delicious golden rays that shoot out from […]

New Moon Guided Meditation

09 July

New Moon Guided Meditation New Moon Guided Meditation for July 2013 recorded and channelled by Christine Amala This is a deceptively simple meditation from the Mother Whales and when used often has wonderful opportunities for self healing and growth. We are connecting through the field of the heart we link into the source field, the matrix, the […]