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Total Overwhelm

14 September

Are you dealing with total overwhelm and stress? Has life become too much to cope with? Are you easily affected by life in general? Our daily coping skills are nothing short than amazing! Multi-tasking becomes a way of life for many of us. One stress to many can easily tip the balance and we have […]

A Journey with Faith and Trust

13 January

I took all the money I had in the bank to buy a cheep ticket to New York when I went to see my friends perform their play in 1998 at the Israeli Embassy. When I lost the ticket I had to wait for a dear friend to help me with her Air miles because […]

What I would do differently

05 January

I was just wondering to myself what I would do differently then than I would now because I haven’t always been doing what I do now. In the late 1980’s I had a demanding job that was responsible for several departments with a lot of staff and a huge budget to reach. It’s funny to […]

Spring and Summer Allergy Hell

20 April

I’ve often cursed spring and summer just because I’ve felt so ill from the effects of hay fever or seasonal allergies. They make life unbearable and crazy as it sounds I’ve been known to sleep with a damp towel over my head to try and help with the sneezing and wheezing! Thankfully life has changed […]

10 Suggestions for Natural Pain Relief

26 February
Natural pain relief

It’s hard to imagine what it is like to live with intense pain every single day. In an extreme case, my Mum had a very dear friend that sadly committed suicide because she could no longer cope with the pain she suffered within her face and head. Her team of doctors had literally given up […]

Disillusioned with Life?

16 September

How sad that someone as brilliant as Robin Williams would take his own life? Could something have been done differently? I’m sure his family and his loved one’s have asked that question more than once, as does anyone who has had the terrible misfortune of losing a family member or someone that is close to them. […]