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Clearing Repeating Patterns with EFT

04 August

Clearing Repeating patterns with EFT/Tapping Have you noticed how you keep coming up with the same set of circumstances in your life? Do you keep making the same decisions,? Get the same results? Are you a “Blamer” and believe it’s someone else’s fault? Do you keep falling into the same traps, the same big hole […]

Teacher’s Lasting Gift

15 July

A teacher’s lasting gift might not always be the one you want to remember! It’s a shocking fact that not all teachers are equal but they do all leave a lasting impression. My own nemesis was Miss Gardner – I can see her now, after more than 55 years, I was only 6 years old. […]

New Year Fog

05 January

New Year Fog can invade our minds and is hard to shake off! I often find the perfect flower remedy for clients to help them move through their “stuff” so I thought I’d offer this Bush Flower Remedy that is perfect for after the Holiday Season is over and we feel sluggish, bit lost and […]

New Year Transitioning

31 December

In 1999 I remember spending almost the whole of New Years Eve watching the wonderful celebrations of the new Millennium and marvelling at the sensational firework works from Sydney to New York and all the time zones in-between. Little did I know that I would visit many of those places in the coming years. When […]

Times of Transition

23 December

Clients are always surprised when I make a suggestion that they have never considered – One man lost about 30 pounds really quickly and very easily when I suggested he stop eating root vegetables. Another client was amazed how much better she felt not eating chicken! Wheat, Dairy and Sugar are the one’s we think […]

Constantly Moving Trauma

22 December

Do you know how many schools you went to growing up? Did your parents keep moving for their job? In the UK this isn’t such a big issue but in other countries like the USA, Canada, Australia or India. I had a client that moved every year into a new town, a new school! Imagine […]

AhAh Moments

18 December

Yesterday I had a haha moment! We were talking about big family Christmas’s and the arguments that can & do happen and I said that never happened at our house because Mum was a Jehovah Witness so we didn’t have Christmas after Dad died. As I talked, I mentioned that Christmas planning had always been […]

Power of One

09 December

If you know me you’ll know that I have the odd rant and I do have strong opinions but I’m not the marching – placard welding demonstrating sort. Even after all this time (20 years) I wonder what made me do what I did. I went with 33 other women with a group called “Through […]

Rewards of Service

25 November

I got involved with the London Colleges in the early 1990s and contributed to a panel that was trying to find ways of meeting the requirements of employers. It was interesting to be a part of the changes in educating future hotel employees and I valued the experience. Because of my willingness to help I […]

Different Personality – Different Mojo

23 November

Let’s face it everyone has a different personality, a different mojo so how could one style possibly fit all when your working with a client? I loved working with a photographer, he was a challenge until I found a way to keep up with his incredibly fast mind that chattered away, over analyzing everything even […]