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Celestial Doorway Journey

08 January

Christine Amala 2015Christine Amala Hayes

Inspired Guidance

& Much More

26th January – 8th February

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The Sanctuary has a special place in my heart. It’s a fabulous space for me and many other light-workers and light-seekers right in the heart of Hong Kong that offers more than what is on the menu. Phil Davies and his wonderful team have created a tranquil haven that sets the stage for miraculous and divine assistance to show up just when you need it most.

Celestial Doorway Journey – A Guided Meditation

This was by far the most requested session last year in Hong Kong! The feedback was terrific and I loved assisting with the fabulous connections clients made with their guides and loved ones. This is a channeled guided visualization session that is totally unique and personal. It is an opportunity to go deep within and connect with whatever it is that you need assistance with on your journey. It might well be something that you need to know rather than thought you needed!

“A client received a message and visitation from Arch Angel Michael, it was a moving experience and perfect for what they needed at that time. Another met with a beautiful child that they felt was their own, just waiting for them. Others met their ancestors and even their animal friends. It’s always both amazing and interesting to see who shows up!

The bottom line was that every client felt a shift and more peaceful from the experience.”

The important thing to note is: It is you that has the experience! I am simply the trained facilitator and guide with over 15 years of experience of journeying with one to one sessions and group meditations.

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