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Change the Belief & Change the Biology

06 April
Our lives are often filled with challenges and uncertainty that require choices.
If we change the belief we have about the memory associated with the choice we can change our entire biology!

When we calculate our options we shift through our memory for information and experience to assist with the decision and action we need to take. Sometimes we seek out other people for advice. Or if it’s a sensitive issue or situation we may seek assistance and counselling from our friends or families. When we do this, we naturally filter the information that we receive, using our own internal programming or experience.

We each have personal programming that makes us unique, there is not a single soul out in the world that has a duplicate program.

What does this mean?
It means we determine the action we take on what we have learned, seen, heard or understood in those oh so important earlier years of programming. Author Bruce Lipton explains this really well in his book, “Spontaneous Evolution”, when he talks about those years being 0 to 5.  Take a look at this EFT session created with this in mind! EFT for 0-5 Programming You can follow along and give it a try.
Have you noticed how you keep coming up against the same set of circumstances in your life? You keep making the same decisions, totally believing that it is an outside influence that creates the “problems & issues” you encounter. The same traps, the same response the same big hole you fall down. It can happen whether it’s a romantic relationship, business partnership or any life situation. Same set of beliefs results in the same outcome!

A wonderful movie that highlights this scenario beautifully is “Groundhog Day” Bill Murray plays the board TV News presenter who gets stuck in a paradigm and has to live over the same day from beginning to end until he finally “gets it”. Worth watching!

Solution Focused Inspired Guidance Sessions

In my sessions I help you to identify those “horrible” sticking points. By the way they don’t always need to be what you think of as earth shattering events. Very often it can be the birth of a sibling, even with loving and careful parenting. It often leaves a huge imprint upon our thoughts and behavior process. Moving house or schools is another enormous factor that impacts our interaction with others.  Accidents, emergencies and any other life changing events, all impact our emotional responses.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


In a session we work together to establish which belief supports the behavior that has you locked into the unconscious “outcome”. We use Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a popular, simple tapping and talking technique that is easy to learn and an invaluable self help tool. Clients say that they feel that the sessions are deeply transforming. We do dig deep! That’s where my own lifetime of learning and experience comes into play and is invaluable during the work we do together. We zero in and identify the memory bank containing that initial related event and then we begin the work. Every session is different, responses are never the same and clients are often amazed at the relief they feel afterwards. Check out my Success Stories
Do I need more than one session?
Let’s be realistic, one session can and sometimes does work beautifully but if you want to get real lasting benefit, I suggest a package of three sessions as the way to move forward and sometimes it’s worth considering continuing the relationship. Everyone is different and so their needs are different too. This is because we don’t just deal with the issue, we work on all of the surrounding and supporting beliefs that keep the “problem” in place. Gary Craig the founder of EFT in it’s present form calls them the table legs that support the table top. Remove them and their is nothing to support the table! Imagine the relief!
Bruce Lipton’s theory “Change the Belief & Change the Biology” 
says it all (Biology of Belief)

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