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Be The Change you want for 2017

17 December

Be the change you want to see in your own life

Bring in a new exciting and freeing way of living for 2017

It’s almost that time of year where we consider how we can go forward and Be The Change we want for Changethe coming year.  We usually assess the past one and make decisions based on where we feel we can make improvements. Loosing weight, going to the gym, stopping smoking are all resolutions we usually struggle with. What if I suggested that they all have huge emotional components? You’ll be amazed at what’s probably keeping you stuck in the same old version of your life.
  • If you’re a slave to everyone’s emotions learn how to find a new way of responding
  • If you’re getting sucked into their drama’s, what actions can you take to take that crates new outcomes?
  • If you keep getting the same results even though you try so hard!
  • If you’re just so sick of “it”, is it time to take steps to change the story?
Groundhog Day ChangeDon’t live in your own version of “Groundhog Day”! Be The Change you want to experience in your own life and watch how everything flows in a new and profound way!
Find out how easy it is to live a vibrant, fulfilling life now! With my grounded inspired guidance I help to identify and transform traumas from the past so that you can choose new ways of thinking, new ways of relating in all of your relationships. Using the tools I have in my extensive repertoire, we are going to shift your current beliefs and attitudes. Huge changes are made when you commit to living your life differently!
These truly trans formative sessions are all about focusing on your daily challenges that keep you stuck in a reality that no longer serves you. Repeating the same old patterns will be a thing of the past, you will have new choices to make, new strategies to use!
“I tried EFT on my own a year ago but was frustrated with my lack of results but when I met with Christine Amala Hayes for 3 EFT sessions that changed my life. Now I trust EFT and feel comfortable doing it on my own after the process was explained and demonstrated to me by Christine. In my sessions I worked on so much emotional baggage that has been a source of anxiety and Christine was warm and sincere. Christine is very caring and generous with her time..” Tricia Vanier – Interior Design, Vancouver. BC
Inspired Guidance Self-Transformation Sessions help to change the dynamics! Each session builds on the other, allowing for a transition and transformation to take place. Let’s start to set you free and allow you to be the change you want to see and experience in your life.

I’ve got room for 2 new clients in my callendar for the New Year. Are you ready to set your intention and commit to Be The Change for yourself?

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Christmas Gift - Change

Here’s my Christmas gift to you with love

A mini meditation recorded as part of my Mother Whale Series especially for activating the Mayan Star Chakra. It’s a channelled simple meditation that is quite beautiful and all about shifting us ine “Being the Change”. May you be the change, feel the change and love the change you are creating in your life.


Christine Amala

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