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Constant Anxiety

26 November

anxietyHow would your life be without constant anxiety?
Anxiety is terrible to cope with. Being anxious all of the time about everything is so debilitating and really difficult to live with, for you and the people around you. It affects everything you do and stops you from doing lots that you’d do if you were not anxious.
It makes relationships almost impossible, friendship or partnership. Jobs can be nightmarish, filled with so many possibilities for things to go wrong.
If you suffer from anxiety you probably don’t even know what exactly started the feeling or even when it started. Most likely it has increased over time and there’s many parts to the emotional thoughts and feelings that contribute to the ever present feeling of being anxious.
Where do I start to work with a client comes with overwhelming anxiety? Right there – with the overwhelming anxiety! With the feeling and sometimes even without words of what it is, because often the client doesn’t actually know. We need to get the overwhelm feeling down and then begin the process of investigation and then we can begin to reframe the beliefs that are keeping you trapped.
One client that came with so much overwhelm that it was hard for her to cope with life in general was courageous in her approach.
With EFT & Inspired Guidance we gently worked with her childhood memories and often didn’t because there’s more than one way to get through to the core issue.
It’s also important to address other aspects of life though, the food we eat, what we do with our time, the company we keep, nothings left aside. I have one client who says she can hear me in her head when she’s about to make an unhealthy food choice! Thing is though – when you’ve had enough of living like that there’s no going back! There’s so much to live for and so much more to explore to enjoy!
I know at least two clients that said they never thought they could ever wake up in the morning and think “I feel happy today!” It’s possible, I’ve got the proof!

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