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Constantly Moving Trauma

22 December

Do you know how many schools you went to growing up? Did your parents keep moving for their job?Moving Trauma

In the UK this isn’t such a big issue but in other countries like the USA, Canada, Australia or India. I had a client that moved every year into a new town, a new school! Imagine how hard that is – it can be bad enough going from little school to the high school! In all they attended 13 schools! I can’t even imagine that – I only went to 2 and they were both at either end of the street I lived in!
What often happens is that they give up trying to make friends, they give up trying to succeed in the class and worse still they give up caring. Why would you? No one is going to take any notice – you don’t have a choice.
In later life that same person becomes quite insular and finds it hard to make or keep friends. They may find it hard to settle down too because they are afraid to feel settled in case someone takes it all away from them. Makes for a lonely and unsettled life.
EFT can and does help with these moving trauma memories¬†and although you can’t suddenly delete them you can for sure take the emotion out of them and lessen the old pain that’s been keeping them locked into their thoughts and feelings. It’s well worth the effort!

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