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5 tips for creating a happier life

12 May

heartI couldn’t help laugh when my  client said she was worried her Mum might have a heart attack because she was being so nice to her for Mothers Day!  She thought she may have gone a little overboard with gifts and card this year as previously she hadn’t bothered.  It’s not like her Mum’s any different so why the change in her behaviour because let’s face it, she like most of us has built up years of resentment, frustrations, anger and hurt that colours her judgements and decisions not only about her family but in all aspects of life. 

Making peace and tapping (emotional freedom technique)

Every week that we worked together we looked at the daily frustrations and the feelings that were influencing the emotional reactions and worked at finding resolutions and understanding with them. We worked diligently with the “stress factor”, whatever situations were happening that was creating the anxiety, irritation, worry, fear in her daily life, it was hardly ever about the family .  We looked at those old wounds that created patterns and paradigms and found ways to make peace with them, ways for forgiveness and resolution and ultimately creating a happier life!

To get a better idea of what tapping can do Watch Louise Hay, creator of Hay House Publishing and author of You can Heal Your Life. 

Changing our words and actions

  1. We looked at language and the power of the word and how the words we choose and how we say them affects the results we experience in life.  One of the greatest books to help you change the way we speak is Florence Scovel Shinn’s book The power of the spoken word. 
  2. Napoleon Hills book “Think and Grow Rich” is my own Mentors bible and Bob Proctor is one of the worlds greatest influencers and thinkers. It’s all about changing the old ways of thinking and behaving because let’s face it, if you keep doing it the same way you’ll get the same results! 
  3. Groundhog Day is the best film ever to highlight this perfectly!

Matrix Reimprinting

Have you heard about Matrix reimprinting? Master tapper Karl Dawson discovered a way of incorporating imagination and visualization into a session to create a new memory. I like what he says about EFT work helping to take the power out of the memory but the memory is still there, just feels different. With Matrix Reimprinting you get to change the memory and it . I’ve had some great results using the technique and been surprised in all cases at how simple the solution can be.

In a simple exercise, when asked to think of a time when I was lonely, I saw myself sitting on the local village church wall after a fight with my parents wanting to run away but feeling like I had no where to go. In the visualization I got to step into the picture and do some tapping on little Christine and invite her to come meet some of the people she would meet in the future. We went to a big football ground and there were thousands of people from all around the world that I had work with or met on my travels and they were all cheering and clapping! An emotional experience for me and little Christine who immediately felt much more confident and calm, and even better the feeling remains weeks later.

How can I help you to live a happier life?

I guarantee that there’s a paradigm or belief that is keeping you locked into an old way of thinking and believing. It’s often hard to spot when we are the one that’s living it! Let me use my Inspired Guidance and help you to take a step towards the life you want! Be inspired!

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