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Different Personality – Different Mojo

23 November

Let’s face it everyonChangee has a different personality, a different mojo so how could one style possibly fit all when your working with a client? I loved working with a photographer, he was a challenge until I found a way to keep up with his incredibly fast mind that chattered away, over analyzing everything even while he was saying something totally different!
I had to find a find a way of getting his attention and getting a result. Once I began to use terminology that meant something to him, like freeze frame or capture the image and best of all use the delete button or put it in the trash and press empty! Then we started to rock and make real changes and very fast!
Children are the same – there’s no point in using meaningless words with them – they respond faster than a speeding bullet if you manage to find something that is catchy and acceptable to them. A friend who’s teaching EFT in schools has come up with a rap song which I thought was ingenious! And best of all is working!
Adapting the style of a session is essential because even when you think you have it sussed it, everything can change again, just like that! Just like life really! Keep tapping, keep shifting and keep loving life! That’s my motto!

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