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Disillusioned with Life?

16 September

robin-williamsHow sad that someone as brilliant as Robin Williams would take his own life? Could something have been done differently? I’m sure his family and his loved one’s have asked that question more than once, as does anyone who has had the terrible misfortune of losing a family member or someone that is close to them. It set me to thinking on how easy it is to fall through the cracks, even with money, the greatest support system and the greatest talent. Sometimes it’s just too difficult to break through the darkness.

Are you Disillusioned? One of my young clients recently said that many of her friends went to university with high ideals, and now they are really disappointed and disillusioned with how it’s turning out. These are the “chosen ones”, the cream of the crop, who have been led to believe that if you are bright and work really hard the world is your oyster. Sadly they are feeling let down, their light is becoming dimmed and that’s when depression can easily set in. I’m certain that with a little TLC and lots of tapping we could change these thoughts and these beliefs to create a much brighter future that has a completely different ending to the story.

What about those that didn’t choose the higher education path? Is it working out for you? I loved my career in the hotel business. I still go “looking” at luxury hotels when I’m in a new city or new country! It’s still my passion, but as a business professional in that industry I just ran out of steam. The job that I had done for over 30 years, one day just didn’t fit me anymore. I became disillusioned and disheartened. I’m sure that it’s a common phenomenon regardless of your actual age or background.

heartHave You Lost Heart? Another young man who is a client found that his chosen career is a political nightmare and hardly supportive of his passion and enthusiasm. It’s low pay – you only get paid for the hours that you work and it’s a long haul before you are classified as permanent and are paid for holidays and such benefits. Hard to be passionate when the system is not in your favor. It’s hard to do a great job when there is very little reward for your efforts. That’s when you can easily loose heart, when we stop giving from our heart. Little by little we become disillusioned with life.

Anxiety? What causes us to create such debilitating anxieties in our lives? A number of my clients bring to their appointments worries and concerns that literally stop them in their tracks. They have created a fire-breathing dragon that is so horrifying they are totally unable to cope. Time and time again, I have created safety by working with the feelings rather than the story. This way we have avoided the minds chaotic thoughts and panic with fabulous results. The same approach can be used for any trauma. Far better to find the feeling that is associated with the event and work with this. It’s easier on the therapist and the client!

What can you do to shift and move forward?   Why not try an alternative approach to the problem? It just might be life changing! I can’t  promise a “one-session wonder” but more likely a series of sessions over a period of time, but the results will be worth it! Generally I usually suggest a three session approach to clearing the block.


Here’s what Dr Christine Ridel of New Zealand said about our session:

“Last week I was overwhelmed and exhausted. Everything seemed so hard and a struggle. I had so much to do and not enough time. I had a session via skype with Christine. Instantly I felt better, that day started to flow and I was more ‘in the zone’ at work. I felt my spark coming back.Here’s what I can offer you” 

Here’s what I can offer you.


Inspired Guidance: Many of my clients know me primarily as a Dowser or a Spiritual Channel. For over 20 years I have offered guidance and solutions from spirit. If you have questions or concerns about your life and need answers or direction then this is the session for you. In 2003 I spent a year of intense study with The Gaia Sacred Mystery School training to be a Rainbow Bridge Channel and have given many readings since that time. Please make a list of the questions prior to the appointment and bring them to the meeting for assistance from the Angels and The Masters.

aametLogoEmotional Freedom Technique: EFT or Tapping is such a great tool, it’s fast and it has worked with many clients that are for some reason disillusioned with life, who may have anxiety or who may have just simply lost heart. The truth is that we were not born with these limiting, sad, depressing beliefs. We learn them on our journey through life. Maybe it was a parent, a sibling, a teacher, even a movie we watched as a kid could be the root cause of our paradigm. What  affects or bothers one person may not affect another at all. We all process situations in our own way and hold on to that vital bit of  information that might come in useful in our future. Storing it for a rainy day! Just as easily as we can store it, we can let it go with Tapping. I am an Advanced certificated EFT Practitioner with 10 years of experience and countless hours of interesting and sometimes challenging cases.

Here’s what Ada May Brown had to say about her tapping session:

Having tried EFT before with very little success I was skeptical, however Christine’s way of bringing her intuitive side into her EFT session with me was absolutely fabulous in aiding me to remove barriers. I would highly recommend booking a session with Christine as soon as possible in order for you too to start moving with the Flow.” 

Complimentary Assistance:

For about a year now I have had the great pleasure of collaborating with Serena Macbeth an experienced homeopathically-trained therapist from the UK. Our clients come to us to find the very best solution for their over all well being. Our work together is based on the principle that almost all symptoms are linked to the emotions and therefore by supporting these emotions, we can help them improve any associated condition.

These days environmental pollutants can be play as big a role in our state of health as a virus. Many clients find that the conventional approach doesn’t cover all they need. They may want support through an operation or other trauma, or just wish to explore an alternative to the norm. If you have a complaint that you just can’t get to the bottom of why not give it a try? We have had some great results and would encourage you to ask how it might work for you.

We suggest 3 sessions. The first is to support you and prepare you for the second session. The second is when we start the real investigation and program of healing. The third is where we adjust the program or add anything that might further boost your healing for the optimum healing experience. We encourage you to give us feed back every step of the way and keep us posted of any changes you notice throughout the program.

Here’s what Ally Lewis (Counsellor, UK). said about our joint session:

Ally Lewis

“Dear Serena and Christine, I write to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the treatment you both delivered for a condition for which I had been told surgery was the ultimate option for a cure. I was only required to tell you my symptoms and then energetically receive your prescribed homeopathic treatments. The symptoms were reduced and then disappeared. Your month of after care was also swift professional and caring. I wish you continued success with what I only describe as a phenomenal energetic treatment.” With best wishes and sincere thanks to you both.” 

If you would like information or wish to discuss further, how a session would work for you please contact me for a Free 15 Minute consultation!  For more information please visit

Important Note: If you have a medical, physical or emotional condition of concern, you accept responsibility to consult a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any such physical or psychological condition. Any assistance offered by Christine or Serena is offered in good faith as support and is not a replacement for professional medical assistance.

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I offer a happiness guarantee. If you book and pay for a package and don’t like the results after the first session with Christine, I will refund your whole package. Please NOTE – This applies only after the initial session with Christine!

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