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Tapping your way to Emotional Freedom with Christine Amala

01 January

Who Am I?Christine 2014
Christine Amala Hayes, Amala was the spiritual name I received when I attended the Sacred Mystery School with Qala in New Zealand and Australia. If you look Ama up in the dictionary it means ask me anything. Appropriate I thought!
I am a Psychic, Spiritual Development Coach, Advanced Level EFT Therapist, Hypnotist and Reiki Healer amongst other things.

What do I do?
• I offer spiritual mentorship and inspiration along with helpful tools and masses of support.

• I identify inner blockages & limitations to your success and help you to expand your perspective/possibilities to reach your potential.

• I use my insight, understanding and guidance towards resolving your challenging situations and problems with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or other tools that I have in my tool-box.

• I help you balance your spiritual needs with the demands of your busy life.

• I help you strengthen relationships with colleagues/staff or other key people in your life for greater success.

How long have I been doing this?mount nelson
Everything changed for me when I took a Reiki Course and discovered dowsing and pendulums in 1996! It has been an interesting road especially since I left my successful exclusive hotel career behind in 2003. I had been a passionate hotelier. I loved the five star environment, the famous people, the pomp and the ceremony. I had managed the front end, the personnel and training end, I’ve always been about the people, either visiting or working, but oddly enough I’ve never looked back since. What I do now is a combination of all that learning that has taken place over the years.
In 2003 I not only attended the Mystery School, which cemented much of my intuitive side in place but I also discovered EFT – the two combined was a huge personal shift for me.

AA MichaelHow do I know what I know?
Many years ago when I was beginning to channel messages and before email I sat and wrote postcards that were signed mostly from Arch Angel Michael to friends in England. They would ask how I could have possibly known what I wrote because the card invariably arrived just when they needed whatever the postcard said! I can’t explain how I know what I know – it just appears in my mind and that’s why I still like dowsing too, it’s a way for me to double check if I am on or off track. My pendulum works as if I have connected myself to the information radio – it’s clearer for me that way. My testimonial page is a good way for me to measure that I’m getting it right.

I tap (use EFT) on my own why do I need to leverage you?
As a client said to me, I have an uncanny knack for getting right to the heart of the matter. When you come to me, we work on specific issues that may have deep roots or might be too traumatic to deal with on your own. My intuition and thousands of client hours adds invaluable experience to what I bring with me every time I sit down with you.

Who are my clients?Inspiration
Solo-preneurs – Small Business Owners – Conscious Professionals – Growth Orientated Spiritual Seekers – 90% Women 10% Men

Mostly growth oriented, spiritual open-minded people who have integrity. They want to make a difference and want a better world.
They are active, passionate, career-oriented people who are going after their dreams.
They are often high-achievers who often stand out in a crowd and believe in a higher purpose. They believe in something greater than themselves and desire inner and outer peace.

What can I help you with?
Different clients have different needs. Many professional clients consult with me to double check their plans for a project or idea. They need answers and insight, a new perspective. Business clients have access to my 30 years of management and HR experience to help with recruiting and employment issues. Ways to create innovative mentorship works wonders with moral (yours and your team) and retention.

I’m really good when you have relationship issues with loved ones, colleagues or peers where we may need to break your old beliefs for you to see things in a differently. We all have paradigms/patterns that we learnt from our parents and teachers that may have become a burden. EFT helps us to release our old habits and beliefs that keep us repeating situations and events in our life.

If you are just plain stuck, in a relationship, a job, addictions, pain, fears, failures – emotionally locked into a belief. You may be totally shocked at how life could be different if you only tried to see it differently or just changed your belief.

Some clients just need me to listen to their story and be heard and understood before any attempt is made to begin the process of change. My Spiritual toolbox is full of ways that I can teach you to grow, stay grounded and balanced that will keep you on track in your daily life! The result is a HAPPIER LIFE!

What do we do together?eft
Initially we get to know each other and talk about why you have come.
If you are here for guidance we work diligently through the list – consulting, channeling and discussing different perspectives and approaches. When it’s more of an emotional issue we talk about the challenge, how it’s affecting you before deciding on an approach. There are many ways of using EFT (Tapping) to clear the charge and the memory that creates the feelings. EFT can be repetitive but the outcome is often astounding and well worth the process.

How fast are the results with EFT?
By the end of the session you will usually have a result and leave feeling relieved, calmed and much more positive.

How can I tell our EFT session has worked?
Before we begin working we measure the emotional charge from 1 to 10, its called SUDS (Subjective Units of Distress) so that we can establish change has occurred. Usually clients can feel the change within themselves, especially when there has been a big emotional shift.

How often do we see each other?
If the reason you are coming is a crisis I suggest weekly is best. Once there is some calm then we can establish a monthly routine. Think of your emotional body as an onion, there are many layers that have taken years to establish. The same goes for clearing them. It depends on your availability and what the issue is that we are working on. Sometimes we need only one session. I like working in three’s, it seems to work best. Some of my long term clients pop up every now and again when they need a helping hand. Again, I would say it depends on the person concerned. I do like to teach the technique though so there can be on going tapping.

How do I feel after an EFT session and what happens next?
Free of the old feeling! It always makes me laugh when a client can’t even remember that they had the issue in the first place when asked some time later! My client testimonials talk of feeling lighter and more able to cope, organize and get on with life in general. Very often relationships improve enormously or at least there is a change in them. It’s always amazing how many times a session has shifted old wounds to enable healing to take place.

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