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Transforming From Blocked to Bliss

14 January

Transforming From Blocked to Bliss!

Blocked to BlissWhen I was going through early menopause and felt like I couldn’t cope with life. My Relationship caused me a lot of pain and heart-ache and that was not my fault. My job was demanding, stressful and not what I wanted to do. How could this all be my fault? It took me a very long time to realize that I could indeed change my thoughts and beliefs, raise my awareness, vibration and see that I did have the power within me to make different choices.

  • I chose to change my diet and not eat gluten – LIFE CHANGING – I wasn’t as depressed or angry and tearful!
  • I decided to quit my job and go learn something I had always wanted to learn, I would do it all again! It was worth it.
  • I learned about the power of mediation, spiritual growth and conscious living.
  • I studied really hard in the Sacred Mystery School in 2003 and developed The Mother Whale Transmission Codes and the meditations and teachings.
  • I learned the Emotional Freedom Technique and am still studying and learning all the time. It was a love affair that began in 2003!
  • I learned to trust my inner guidance and have never been disappointed, not once.

    It really is a Wonderful life!

Hey, it didn’t happen over night, we are like onions, layer after layer, but rest assured it does begin with just one step and each step gets easier! It’s easier if you have a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a guide to walk with you. And that’s my talent, my gift my service. My whole life has been about guiding others along their path, their journey in life.

heartInspired Guidance is a real winner, not only do you get the benefit of insight and understanding from all my previous experience, you also get access to the tools I have spent years honing and refining so that I can offer the very best. It’s a wining combination! I just love seeing the change and knowing that my clients have had that huge shift in their awareness and can move on to a brighter and better journey in life. It makes it all worth-while and boy do I love my life! Let me help you to love yours!

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