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Groundhog Day

08 January

Cookery Classes at school were difficult for me because Mum didn’t have the spare the money to buy the ingredient and mostly thought that it was a waste of time. It was deeply upsetting and humiliating for me to be left out. I was sure that I was laughed at by the other kids and have always felt that I just wasn’t worth it in some way.

When I shared this version of my story to someone they asked what I did instead? I was lucky that the next door neighbour, Mrs Pearson, paid for the items and I still got to cook and took the finished items to them to eat. My friend suggested that Mrs Pearson thought that I as worth the investment and I had a huge AhhhAhhh moment.

Perspective is all it takes! Just a different view of the same story can turn it into a positive experience! Self transformationHow simple and how beautiful to lay to rest that old ghost that’s haunted me for years! When you keep looking at the same old issue, the same old way we end up in a kind of Groundhog day situation – STUCK!
So whenever you’re ready to see things differently – to shift into a new day with a new experience – let me know! We can walk down your old road, discover your pot holes and navigate around them!

EFT is the best way I know to shift you out of ingrained habits and paradigm’s that keep you in that perpetual place! I know from personal experience that it makes a massive difference to you everyday life, love and future.

Here’s what Helen from Sydney Australia said:

It’s no exaggeration in saying my first session with Christine started an amazing shift in attitude for me. It was an incredible experience and with Christine’s perception of some issues were unresolved for me, she lead me through a very a powerful EFT session. By the end of the session, I felt that a heavy burden had been lifted from me and I sensed that there was hope for the future! I had been struggling with forgiveness and Christine helped me get to a place where I considered the possibility that I could forgive. My second session brought about a significant shift in my vibration that other people actually noticed. I felt that I was much more open to universal energy and that I had had blocks removed. The heaviness I once experienced that had consumed me, when I thought of the past events, is gone. I was finally able to forgive after almost a lifetime of trying. Christine has a precious gift and I am so grateful to her for helping me to where I am in this journey. I have also learnt a valuable tool which will stay with me throughout my life. (

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