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Heart Chakra Activation

19 March

Mother Whale’s Heart Chakra Activation

We invite you to discover the intelligence of The Mother Whale, The Universal Carrier of the Libraries of Light. You may access the information stored within her and use as and when you may require. Working with the beautiful Mother Whale Transmission Codes diligently and with faith allows you to open doorway sand access precise information stored within the inner sanctum of these precious libraries.

Begin the journey and connect to the codes we offer.

Be patient, seek the inner learning encoded into every sector. Draw them towards you and enable the connection be deep and true. Let the codes anchor and break through any resistance you may have developed over time. Release your judgment and allow for forgiveness.

Let in the Love! Find Peace in the Light!

Reveal the knowledge as it floods through your gorgeous heart as it begins feels the return of love. Your Heart is ready to expand and ready to believe in it’s own capability as this Heart Chakra Activation takes place! Allow the growth, feel the expansion, the extension and be not afraid.

You’re part of our family now, an Ambassador for the Wondrous Mother Whale, welcome home dear heart.

“Go Beyond Your Imposed Limitations”

As you slowly heal the wounds of time, the heart begins to open the petals of light allowing it to flow out from the inner heart, creating a magnificent mirror effect. Sing the songs of the Heart Chakra and realize your beauty is in all that you do and is reflected back to you in all of the glorious magical ways of the universal laws. As you sow, you will reap only joy, love and harmony in all of your existence.

We suggest that you print the code and use it for the next four days.

Place the code where you can connect with it often.

 Sing the Tone 3 times or even more.

It’s up to you whether it’s out loud or silently.

The Mother Whale Transmission Codes are available at:

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