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Help For The Broken Hearted

28 February

Aches and pains in the body are often easier to deal with than emotional pain. Anyone who has ever felt broken hearted knows that pain relievers don’t take horrible gut wrenching ache away.

IMG_0359.JPGHeartbreak comes in many forms too. You may have been left by a lover or partner. It could be your parents that have split up and you’re the victim of their parting. It may be the grief of losing someone you love to illness or by accident.  The emotional pain of physical or mental abuse carries emotional pain that’s thankfully for most hard to comprehend but in reality the result is the same – you feel bereft, inconsolable and in enormous emotional pain.

  • I can recollect the first time I fell in love and the first time I was broken hearted, my boyfriend sent me a letter (remember them?) and ended our relationship.
  • When my Dad died he was only 42 years old and due to the many a disagreement we had had, I was wracked with guilt ending up with a debilitating claustrophobia that had me hospitalized and on medication.
  • When my Mother passed away I  found myself still bursting into tears from the sadness that welled up inside when my emotional pain would overwhelm me, months after the event.
  • And the list goes on and the emotional baggage gets bigger and heavier until one day our stressful job, our difficult relationship or our money issues are just too much to bare. We need help!

When I first started my healing journey, meditation didn’t seem to help me because my mind was way too busy! Counselling did help to some extent, it was good to get it off my chest, but EFT was the break through! It was the miracle I needed when I came across it back in 2003 and I was determined to learn the process for myself and the rest they say for me at least, was history. Right from the beginning I felt success receiving instant relief and noticed the changes in my external life in a really positive way. I now hardly recognize my life compared to pre-EFT.

Relieve the feeling of broken hearted with the EFT Below:Tapping Points

Take a moment to think of where you can feel you own emotional pain and measure it from a scale of One to Ten. Ten being very high and painful and 0 nothing left!

Tap on the Karate Chop Point (side of hand next to little finger: Even though I feel broken hearted and have this awful pain in my ………….. I deeply and profoundly accept myself anyway.

Even though I am broken hearted and haven’t been able to let go of this pain in my …………… I deeply and completely accept who I am and how I feel.

Even though I don’t think I will ever get over this pain in my …………. I feel so heart broken I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.

Eye Brow: I’m so heart broken

Corner of the eye: I feel like my heart is broken because ………………

Under Eye: I feel this heart break in my ……………… And it’s so painful

Under Nose: I feel so …………. That my heart is broken

Chin: Why is this happening to me? I feel so ………. With ………… They have broken my heart.

Collar Bone: I have so much pain in my ……….. I can’t let this pain go.

Under Arm: What if I could begin to let this heart break pain go?

Top of Head: I can’t forgive ………… For breaking my heart.

EB: I feel so broken hearted but maybe I am open to the possibility that I can choose to let my heart mend just a little bit more every day

CE: even though my heart hurts so much and I feel like I will never feel the same again I can choose to believe it’s easier than I think to let my heart fill with love and let go of that ………… Pain

UE: it’s safe for me to let go of this pain in my ……….. And I totally believe my heart is opening to the possibility that it knows exactly how to feel strong and loved.

UN: I choose to allow my heart to let go of this feeling and totally trust that it’s already mending in the past the present and the future.

Chin: that broken heart feeling is melting away like an ice cube in the sun.

CB: what a relief to let that ……….. Pain in my ………… Go

UA: I’m so relieved to let that feeling go.

TH: it’s easy peazy, lemon squeezy to let that …………….feeling finally go!

Assess the level of charge again from zero to ten and then keep repeating until you can feel that it’s almost nothing at all! Good luck – let me know how you do!

I can hear you asking,  “If I can learn it myself why do I need to Book a Session with you?”. 

Consulting with an expert is always a good place to start and I have experience from working with hundreds of clients over the past ten years. I know how to get right to the heart of the issue and I know how to use all the tools in my copious tool box to help you to ease your emotional pain! Additionally I teach you how to use EFT and give you direction so that you can obtain the best results as you move forward on your journey. We will make a great team! Check out my testimonial page 

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