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How to Relieve Pain with EFT

25 February

When there is pain in the body it’s often hard to think that there is a solution other than a “Pain Killer”. I know that when I recently fell and injured my ankle I was certainly glad to have access to Ibuprofen and didn’t care what it might or might not do long term. I was only interested in what it could do for the pain!

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping as it’s also known can make a considerable difference to the level of pain. I’ve tried it myself and I’ve used the process with clients and had fantastic results.

Gary Craig the founder of EFT suggests that EFT is very effective even when we use very simple statements and “The EFT Approach Often Works Where Nothing Else Will. Newcomers are often astonished at how quickly pain can subside with EFT. Because of EFT’s unique approach, it is useful for pains of almost every kind. No pills, radiation, surgeries, etc. are required. We simply balance the body’s meridian (energy) system by tapping on prescribed energy points with our fingertips.” I’d suggest that it’s worth a try!


If you have a pain right now check into the intensity and measure it from a level of 0-10 and keep a reference.

Start by tapping on the side of your hand The Karate Chop (next to you little finger) and repeating the following statement

Even though I have this pain in my…………. and I haven’t been able to let this pain go, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.

Even though I have this nagging pain in my ……………… I deeply and completely accept who I am and how I feel.

Even though I feel this awful pain in my …………… I accept who I am and how I feel

Now tap on the following points.Tapping Points

Eye Brow: This nagging (describe the best you can) pain

Side Eye: This pain in my ……………

Under Eye: This pain in my ………….

Under nose: This pain in my …………….

Under Chin: This (Describe) Pain

Collar Bone Point: This awful (choose your own word)

Under Arm: This pain in my ………..

Top of Head: This pain makes me feel ……………..

EB: This pain is just a pain

SE: This pain in my ………… is just a pain in my …………..

UE: This pain in my ………is only a pain in my ……………..

UN: What if I could transform that pain and let it go

CB: It’s just a pain and I don’t need it I don’t want it and I never did so I’m ready to let this pain go from the past the present and the future, I choose to feel the pain dissolving like an ice cube in the sun

UA: It’s safe for me to let this pain go and I’m ready to let it go. I choose to feel the pain in my …….. just melt away like an ice cube in the sun.

TH: I’m so relieved to let this pain go.

Now reevaluate the pain level. What does it feel like now? I suggest that you tap 2/3 times and see if you can get the level down below a 2 if not all the way down to 0! Keep at it, I promise you are going to feel better.

Book a private session and together we can find a way to understand what may be the underlying emotional issue. In my own experience it’s often something that is quite surprising and not at all what you might be expecting. I’m like a detective, I keep sifting through the evidence until I find what I’m looking for and then we celebrate!

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