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Inner Programming

05 June

Inner ProgrammingKindness to our self is so difficult with all of our Inner Programming. We struggle with these complex thoughts of self doubt and feelings that erode our confidence and therefore our immune system. It’s all related!

Our Inner Programming has taken years of constant work to reach a toxic level that combined with our life style reaches critical mass more often it is tipped by an inconsequential event, word or deed. A disappointment, misunderstanding or a shock ( just a tiny selection of the possibilities) tips us over the edge, into an abyss of illness and misery.

We develop a cold, a flu, stomach problems or even heart attacks or a tumour. It doesn’t have to be fatal but it may be irritating, a nuisance, a definite pain.
It’s probably taken a good few years to develop this kind of suffering but over time and as we grow older it’s harder to clear, more difficult to deal with.

Our inner programming pays the price and may feel overwhelmed, consumed, hard to cope, much harder to deal with. But what if you can say enough of this? What if you can actually say out loud “I don’t want to do this any more”?

I can almost hear you say “it’s not possible, it’s always been like this, it’s just the way it is!”.

Maybe you inherited the condition of the Gene, have a family history so it’s just your lot to live with to bare.

But what if you didn’t, what if you had a chance to change the inner programming, your mind, your body, your thoughts and feelings?
Twenty years ago that would be classed as “New Age – Woo Woo”. Not today!

Today there are conclusive studies, science to back up the thought and beliefs of many authors and healers. Main stream Doctors are writing, teaching that there is another way, that you don’t have to “Live with it”. You can heal it! Science has at long last caught up with life and they have proof that posative thinking works!

It’s all about changing the state – Bernie. S. Siegel M.D.advocates that pets are a wonderful love substitute as well as a great way to make new friends!
Scientists Bruce Lipton and Candice Pert both discovered that if you change the thought you can change the outcome, change the state!

If I use myself as an example – If you know me you’ll smile, but I have always hated walking, it was a problem for me and I could get really upset even at the thought of it. For over 30 years I had been an office worker, sitting in my chair, doing my office thing. Last year I discovered audio books (I know late developer) and they changed my life. I get my audio books from the library or shop, download them on my iPod and off I jolly well go! I get inspired, learn something new and guess what – I discovered I like walking. I’ve changed the state. I even love walking on my own because it gives me time and space.

The outcome is – I’ve lost weight – I feel better – I look better and my moods are better – I sleep better! (don’t go telling “I told you so!”).

So, how did I do that for myself? Inner Programming! Emotional Freedom TechniqueHypnosis – Meditation – HealingRestorative YogaBiomat – Oh and just plain determination – I wanted a better life.

EFT is amazing! I’ve become a master at tuning into the presenting problem (illness or mind state) and I delve deeply into the past to discover your triggers that have helped pin these beliefs in place and keep you programmed to that reality. Once they have been found, brought into the light, its a process of diligence and persistence before they disappear.

Just like the building up, there’s a taking down, it’s a process and doesn’t need to be painful or traumatic. I like to work in blocks of three – that way we have a clear goal and work towards the joy. It’s out there waiting for you! Let’s do it – Let’s Live!

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