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Inspired Guidance

24 August

I am currently in the UK and have been receiving wonderful daily inspired guidance that I thought I would share with you.

Inspired Guidance from above


Saturday 24th August

Another shower of light rains down upon us from Helios our beloved radiant being of light, who shares delicious golden rays that shoot out from his heart. Watch the heavenly sky’s and connect deeply as the electromagnetic storm passes by. Understand the bodies responses, relax, don’t fight it. Rest and simply accept the readjustment as it re calibrates the inner mind as well as the souls extra lovely connection to that same place. Soar with the extra pulses of light and allow yourself to be whatever you need to be. Don’t challenge it, don’t fight it, you’ll lose. It’s time to change, time to let go. Always Amala

Thursday 20th AugustInspired Guidance archangel raphael

Breathing easily and effortlessly with grace is vital. Be at peace with your breathing, adjust it accordingly and learn if needed new techniques to help you.
The element of Air is a living being and requires your conscious thought to acknowledge the devotion it offers to you. Gratitude is the key as always. The Angelic beings soar through the air around you now creating a vortex to spin through your cells, chakras, meridians breaking the mental patterns you hold about air. Take their lead and work with whatever beliefs you have and lift your energy higher than ever before. Break free and soar on the wind, use its mighty power to lift you from your state and move with the grace of a summer breeze. Always Amala

Sunday 18th August

IMG_0007Beautiful Helios, radiant being of light blesses the heavens with his golden rays. Consciously connect your heart to his and as you do,allow the full strength of his mighty power to infiltrate the depth of your inner heart. Oh my dear heart, how sweetly you feel with the suns light lifting your love to a vibration that is several notes higher than your own. How I am grateful to you for your kindness and your powerful and mighty beat that drives all things. Oh mighty heart of mine I see you and I deliver to you from Helios a golden note that is of a key that has never been sung before. Dance dear heart to this tune it is of joy and love, it is of celebration! Acknowledge your self and recognize the amazing being you are, within me, of me, we are one you and I, lets dance, lets sing and let’s believe in our strength our power and our uniqueness. Always Amala

Thursday 15th AugustInspired Guidance Light

Rich golden rays from the heart of Helios and Vesta race through our heavens. Gold has many other rays that merge with it to enrich its qualities. You are an inheritor of immense riches, just because you have weathered the storms and are here right now at this unprecedented time. Claim your part of the bargain, call out now.
Beloved God/Goddess, I …….. Call for the full amount that is my inheritance to be bestowed in my heavenly name here on Earth as promised. I fully accept that I am custodian and give my pledge that I am ready to serve, as I always have, in your beloved name. Ka he la me ha x3
Please share with your friends who may resonate with the above. Always Amala

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