Inspired Guidance

Christine Amala’s profound connection with Spirit, together with her mastery of a number of healing modalities provides inspiring lasting breakthroughs for her Inspired Guidance clients.

An Inspired Guidance Session’s helps you:

Look at the bigger picture.
Consider your options.
See it from a different perspective.
Get clear about what you want to do!
Have a hand to hold!

Practical and inspired guidance comes from Christine Amala’s intuitive connection she develops with you from the word go. Her uncanny knack of understanding your inner most thoughts, needs and wants is the key to a successful session that leaves you feeling confident and empowered with the guidance and ability to move forward.

Time and time again Christine Amala has been acknowledged and applauded for the important work she offers. Her signature, Let’s do it – spiritual guidance sessions are a global success for her corporate and private clients and directly impact their entire lives and keep them coming back again and again over the years.

Inspired Guidance for:

Personal crisis – work related and love difficulties
Bereavement – painful loss of loved ones
Confusion and general despair about their life
Clear direction on specific work related issues
Real estate plans for buying or selling and much more

Inspired Guidance – the go to for when you need another opinion!

“Your timing, perception, and wisdom are impeccable. You’ve made a huge difference to my life. Today I feel open, lighter, so much more at ease and in the flow. I’m doing things that I just didn’t have the energy for before. I’m seeing possibilities and opportunities.” (Dr. Christine Ridal – Chiropractor, New Zealand)

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“Christine’s clarity in her guidance is unparalleled. She has been consistently accurate in her guidance and advised me on many matters both professional and personal. Her guides connect with yours to bring forth understanding and results. I highly recommend Christine for any queries and questions you may have for business or personal growth.” (Thomas J Moore – Healer, White Rock – Canada)


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