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Magical Manifestation Meditation

25 January

Arch Angel Gabrial - Manifestation MeditationTake a moment to connect with this Magical Manifestation Meditation.

Bright green light twists and turns like a ballerina as it rises up towards a specific point of light above you. Once it has decided which of the chakra points most needing it’s powerful intervention it hones in like a missile right on target.
This Green Light brings an interesting combination of love with the flavour of financial flow.
Once it has connected and feels content with the point chosen the green light weaves a magical web that infuses golden symbols and precious metal signatures from outer galaxies not known by our conscious minds.
Relax for a moment as this complex synergy takes place and allow the magical intense manifestation sink slowly and determinedly into the central nervous system, following roads that lead to your neural pathways creating a totally new sense of wealth.
There’s a wealth of knowledge and information, a wealth of health and wellness, a wealth of love and peace, a wealth of energy and strength, a wealth of passion and power, a wealth of luck and fortune. The list is endless.
Rest in the stillness and find the peace, accept the symbols and visualize a circle of bright light that extends itself from the inside of your eyes. It begins in a complex part of your brain where the seat of power resides. Feel the energy throbbing and building as it expands out wards through your eyes.

Blazing light takes life and literally breaks through the layers of lies that you may have learnt about your financial status. Time to begin believing that you are a magnet and can attract whatever you choose to concentrate your sight on. Remember that the light has an intelligence, a consciousness and has aligned itself with you, eternally! And it is so!

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