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Mother Whale Meditation

15 June

Mother Whale Meditation

At last, I’ve recorded a new Mother Whale Meditation this morning! About time I can hear some of you saying. (smile) And yes, I agree.

What is a Mother Whale Meditation?

It all began in the year 2003 when these new and exciting divinity deck was born whilst I attended the Divine University’s Sacred Mystery School in New Zealand. My official title within this illustrious gathering of healers, channels, seers and much more is “Keeper of the Golden Keys of The Mother Whale”. It seemed fitting that I should develop a healing and meditation tool for the beloved Mothers. Find out more about The Mother Whale Transmission Codes

Today’s Meditation on The God Presence Point of Light Chakra (the right ear) was for the collective consciousness, all of us. Note that when you connect during your own time whether it’s today to in 5 years time, you will have your own unique experience and assist with the building of the “Morphic Field” (energy body), accelerating and adding power to the meditations properties for assisting with change and growth. This meditation will help you to assimilate easier amd move forward with courage and faith. You will feel stronger and much more confident about your purpose, your ability to deliver your love.


You can book your own individual Mother Whale Meditation, we will select a card together that hold the energy for your personal change. I will channel a meditation for you that will be recorded and can be played over and over.

The full deck of 34 Mother Whale Transmission Codes move you along your path. They create change and allow you to receive information, energy, love and light. Used daily they have been known to create an extraordinary difference to your life. They can be used just like regular “Angel Cards” and hold energy and meaning throughout out your day.


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