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New Year Fog

05 January

New Year Fog can invade our minds and is hard to shake off! I often find the perfect flower remedy for clients to help them move through their “stuff” so I thought I’d offer this Bush Flower Remedy that is perfect for after the Holiday Season is over and we feel sluggish, bit lost and not sure how to get going again.

If you can’t get your hands on the remedy – write the name on paper and put your glass of water over the paper – vibrational medicine.

dog roseDog Rose Bush Flower Remedy
The striking feature of Dog Rose is that the flowers hang down and appear to have dropped and rounded shoulders, like a defeated person.
Dog Rose is the Essence for treating fears, niggling little fears, not terror. Overcoming fear allows an increase in the flow of the vital force, quality of life, courage and self esteem. It is also for shy, insecure, timid, nervous people.

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