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New Year Transitioning

31 December

In 1999 I remember spending almost the whole of New Years Eve watching the wonderful celebrations of the new Millennium and marvelling at the sensational firework works from Sydney to New York and all the time zones in-between. Little did I know that I would visit many of those places in the coming years. When I stood in Sydney harbour I had tears in my eyes as I looked at the familiar landmarks that I honestly thought I’d only see on TV. I’ve done the same on many a landmark since that time,
In 1999 I had no idea I would own my own property, visit Dubai, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, The Maldives, Canada, USA, Mexico many of them more than once. It wasn’t even a thought in my head, not even a dream!
How did it happen? Well I guess I said yes, I followed my instinct, even when it sounded and felt crazy. I Christine 2015listened to that voice that was deep inside and took the steps that I needed to do to make it happen. Was it always easy? Nooooo! Did I always listen? Noooooo! Actually, mostly I did and the few times I didn’t it invariably went wrong in some way shape or form – but I soon learnt to TRUST! Follow the guidance that comes and TRUST! It’s always worked out beautifully and I totally believe that I am guided and that The Divine has me tucked in their heart.

It’s 16 years on and I’ve got a lot of experience in New Year Transitioning – Let me be your guide. Let me walk the walk, talk the talk and stand by your side as you find your stride. I’ve got 3 more slots available in my Time Table that will make this New Year different to all the rest. Message me!

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