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Prayers for Peace

28 August

On my way into the city today I was on the subway and was people watching, I wondered what might be going on in their busy lives and thought in that moment I could offer prayers for peace to all the people on the train. I asked that they receive whatever they needed at that time whether it be peace, love, health, joy, abundance, hope or any other form of assistance that could be given. I asked that the train be filled with love and for that train to keep on offering the same blessings to everyone that used it throughout the day and that it radiate out like a ripple in the water into the travellers families and friends.

P1000893I had thought of this because earlier I had been listening to a recording about “Working With The Laws of Increase” and how service could be given in many different ways.  Prayer for peace is a beautiful way of offering an unconditional gift. I continued offering the same prayer for peace throughout the day and loved how I personally felt by the time I came home.

When I eventually arrived home I continued to imagine that I was showering my peace prayers over the planet and offering the same blessings to all of those that the prayers touched.

Did it actually work? Who knows? I believe that I did raise my own vibration by feeling this compassion and love. I know I shared the experience with a few people who completely got the picture and said that they would do the same. In a funny kind of way it was a different kind of Ice Bucket offering (I did that too) and this time I was showering others with the blessings.

Passing it forward is a wonderful way to participate in prayer for peace or in any other way. Paying for a coffee in advance at participatingPrayer cafe’s. Offering a kindness to another who hasn’t even asked for help can be a spontaneous and beautiful experience.

In this world of turbulence and discord I challenge you to use your ability to shine the light and pass your heart felt prayer and blessings like showers of love wherever you travel, wherever you roam, in your meditations any time in your moments of quiet.

And dear hearts, believe that the seeds that you sow with your blessings and prayers will germinate and grow so that your own harvest will increase a thousand fold or even more! Because that’s the Law.

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