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Pregnancy SOS

22 November

BabyWhen a clients daughter’s pregnancy wasn’t going so well she sent me a note to ask what I could do help remotely as her daughter wasn’t all that keen on spooky stuff. The baby had some serious problems and the Mum was panicking as well as making some crazy decisions that seemed totally unreasonable, she was understandably reacting to the news and in major fight and flight mode.
I began with surrogate tapping to bring down the panic levels and then consulted with my homeopathic wizard. We put together a radionics prescription based on flower remedies because of the baby, we didn’t want to add any fuel to the fire, all we wanted was to create calm and rational thinking. And it didn’t take long. It didn’t change the babies health risks though, it simply allowed wiggle room for both Mum’s to find a common ground to think, plan and manage the situation calmly. I kept the tapping up for the next 3 months and then prior to the birth we upped the anti for the vibrational remedies – long distance healing and everything I could think of because all kinds of things could have gone wrong.
The Angels were in the right place – that baby was born so fast (they decided cesarian) and thank the Lord it all came together perfectly! Mum and Baby and Grandma are all doing really well. We continued to support them all with wonderful soft loving energy and I for one feel certain that it created a powerful space for wonderful things to happen! And they did!

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