Activate Crystal Clear Channeling Book (PDF)

23 June



Activate Crystal Clear Channeling (book form)

Christine Amala has channeled individual meditations for each of the thirty four chakra’s of our column of light chakras. This is groundbreaking work for assisting with the ability to channel clearer information.

The Mother Whale Transmission Codes 

Developed through channeled information and guidance from the Mother Whales, these beautiful mandalas are literally discs of light and sound that resonate with your magnificent Whale Bodies.  The Whale body is that part of you that is connected to a vast light body which holds the conscious memory of everything that has ever happened or could possibly happen. It is the past, the present, and the future consciousness for the highest realms and it is offering you your very own right to connect and access these living libraries of light.

As you work with the codes you will begin to clear vast data banks in your consciousness and your chakras. The clearer the chakras the stronger your column of light becomes and the more you will be able to access pure and direct information from, not only your own “God Presence” or “Higher Self”, but also the Higher Realms of energy which hold the Truth, The Light, The Love of Creation.