Activate Crystal Clear Channeling Workbook & Taster Session

02 July

$95.00 $70.00


Congratulations If you already own the Mother Whale Transmission Codes!

At last the next step you’ve been waiting for is ready!

The Activate Crystal Clear Channeling book is an upgrade and the fabulous next step on your clairvoyant journey. Working with the powerful guided visualizations and the codes takes you to a whole new level of awareness and clarity.

Using your intuition to choose the place you want to begin and consistently allowing your inner guidance to assist you to what you need to assist with the removal of interference in your channel. See it as your radio receiver having an upgrade!

Add on this amazing deal a 30 minute taster session with Christine Amala where we can fast track the process and you are cooking on gas!

Cost of the book US$35 + $35 for the session is the deal of the century!