Self-Transformation Big Time

12 May

$1,250.00 $999.00

Are you ready to commit to change? Let’s take you to a new vibration, where you can see and believe that you can achieve what you want.  Clearing the paradigms and the outdated thoughts that have kept you in a way of thinking and believing we consistently work towards your goals! You are not going to believe what we can do in a 10 week period!

Dont limit yourself, we don’t have time to waste – there’s too much to do, too much to enjoy, too much to love about your life!

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Self-Transformation Big Time

It doesn’t get much better than this! Make a commitment – prepay for 10 sessions and reap the benefits in your everyday life in ways that you cannot believe! These truly transformative sessions are all about focusing on your daily challenges that keep you stuck in a reality that no longer serves you. Repeating the same old patterns will be a thing of the past, you will have new choices to make!

Using the tools I have in my extensive repertoire, we are going to shift your current beliefs and attitudes. With my grounded inspired guidance I help to identify and transform traumas from the past so that you can choose new ways of thinking, new ways of relating in all of your relationships.

Huge changes are made when you commit to living your life differently!

Don’t live in your own version of “Groundhog Day“! Live a vibrant, fulfilling life now!

I tried EFT on my own a year ago but was frustrated with my lack of results but when I met with Christine Amala Hayes for 3 EFT sessions that changed my life. Now I trust EFT and feel comfortable doing it on my own after the process was explained and demonstrated to me by Christine. In my sessions I worked on so much emotional baggage that has been a source of anxiety and Christine was warm and sincere. Christine is very caring and generous with her time and spent more time with me than I expected and I look forward to working with her again.  Tricia Vanier – Interior Design, Vancouver. BC

Self-Transformation Sessions help to change the dynamics! Each weekly session builds on the other, allowing for a transition and transformation to take place. Let’s start to set you free!

Self-Transformation Big Time Sessions are something that is NEW & EXCITING and you are so worth the commitment.

All Ten Let’s do it – Transformation sessions for a crazy $999, This is such an amazing opportunity to take charge of your life and create something that is truly different and worth doing!