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Simple Guided Meditation

11 May

Guided meditationA Simple Guided Mediation for “This Energetic Time”

Give yourself the gift of space and the blessing of time to be at one with your self and within this place of peace and ease, take time to breathe and become at one with the breath. Find your own rhythm, your own reliable pace, which feels both relaxed and comfortable.

Whenever you are ready take a nice full breath and allow the body to let go of any tension held in the joints of the body. Repeat two to three times and consciously allow the breath to move through the muscles and the body to ease away the stress and the strains of your daily life.

Visualize a bright light beginning to enter through the soles of your feet and grow into a bright shining ball of light, right in the centre of you two feet. This ball of light is the most beautiful shade of violet light and varies in depth of color, yours might be dark and intense or fragile and delicate, don’t be deceived by what you expect it should look like, just know that this is indeed a form of the violet fire of St Germaine and is the most amazing transformation tool of our current age.

Now that the ball is fully formed in the sole of the foot imagine that you can draw the light from the ball straight through the leg and into the knee where it will form another ball. Draw again this violet light upwards into the main chakra column beginning in the Base Chakra and allow the light to completely re-organize the Chakra in whatever way is right for you. It may be that the chakra is holding miss-qualified energy, (old wounds), but we don’t need to understand it, we don’t need to know what it is all about, we can simply choose to allow the light to transform what ever it is and let it go for once and for all.

As you give permission for the release feel the energy shift and the violet light move upwards to the Sacral Chakra where it alights like a fire cleansing and purifying the limitations that live here. Begin to see spirals of light leaving as the miss-qualified energy flees from this Sacred sight and feel the change as the flow between the Base & Sacral Chakra’s unify and merge to form a natural pillar of light that flows through your beautiful bodies to create the Aura’s shield, also of the violet flame.

When you can see, feel or just know that the Aura is completely sealed with this violet light and sense that there is a completion and your whole being is alight with the flame of St Germain, then you can rest in your space of meditation and simply be still and receive.

When you are ready and feel like it is time to return to your day, take a nice deep breath and feel the flame return to the soles of your feet and take it beyond and back into the centre of the Earth. Feel the connection that you have with the soft and gentle Mother energy of our planet and home. Give thanks for the blessings that you have shared this day and be in gratitude for all that is in your experience of life at this given time.

May peace be with you and surround you in all ways.

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