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Spiritual Support Equals Success

17 July

Spiritual Support Equals Success

Spiritual Support in Hong Kong

Christine Amala in Hong Kong

About nine years ago when I first started a new career at The New Age Shop in Central Hong Kong I met a client, a young man who came for “Spiritual Support”, for “Spiritual Guidance” on his thoughts about becoming a Western Doctor. He was already a qualified teacher and had studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, it was a difficult choice to make.

We consulted more than once in the time that it took to make the decision and make the preparations. We sought “Spiritual Advise”, consulting with our “Spiritual Guides” dialogued and debated until he made his choices and during which he had miraculous events come about to support him on his path of acquiring those golden initials of M.D after his name. It took time but he did get there.

“Whilst he studied we continued with my offering “Spiritual Support”, offering reminders that he was on the right path, he was on track, that he was going about it the right way. With “Spiritual Coaching” I offered suggestions on methods of studying to help with retention and processing. As he was an acupuncturist, “Spirit Guidance” was offered with regard to the exact points he could use to improve his concentration and stamina. It always amazed both of us how accurate and effective this was!

We concocted ways for him to use vibrational medicine, working on the principle that it’s energy that can be tapped into anyway, anyhow. He obtained water bottles that he wrote “Power Words” onto the glass like Focus, Confidence, Knowledge, Power. We tapped into Homeopathic Remedies and Flower Remedies that were not available in his location and used the same method. Using Bach Flower Rescue Remedy or any of the others just by writing on paper and standing the glass over the paper! (Try it – it works)

EFT for Spiritual SupportWe used EFT (Emotional freedom technique) a lot! Quick and easy way of clearing away fears, blockages, old memories that were getting in the way. Also enormously powerful when dealing with the collective consciousness of the class, this was also a huge and sometimes difficult energy to deal with as people met their personal walls and dropped out of the program, a huge psychological challenge. The wonderful modality of EFT is easy to learn and so I taught him the basic formula to use when overwhelmed with doubts and fears.

Our regular “Spiritual Support” sessions continued for reassurance and direction. We would check on his progress and continue to develop ways that would assist with maximizing the results he required for each exam he faced. All this time he continued to trust faithfully in my “Spiritual Guidance”, we were like a team. It was quite the experience for me, I felt totally part of the process and totally believed in him and his goal.

When it came time for the next steps with “Spiritual Support” he stepped out into the hospital world and applied for  residency at a large and sought after placement. Spirit encouraged him to attend and believe it was the perfect position. It met all the criteria for him and even though he found himself interviewing with some other very fine people and it did seem like a long shot, the attitude of those who have been there sight from the start was “GO FOR IT” and he did!

I could not be more proud to report that it was a success – he began his residency in Maine with those golden letters “M.D.” behind his name! Well done that Doctor!

This is my clients testimonial.

“Now entering my 9th year of consulting Christine Hayes and employing many strategies she has shared with me, we have navigated energies which have moved me from the teaching profession, to the study of Chinese Medicine, and now Western Allopathic medicine. These goals were not idle attempts at finding my place but part of a deliberate plan to integrate experiences and academics in a legitimate healing profession. From the onset, Christine knew my end goal and helped me move the ‘proverbial chess pieces’ to maximize my game!

Christine extends insightful, energy-guided approaches with practical means of addressing decision making while aiming to maximize opportunities and bring out one’s person best version of self. First having met Christine in Hong Kong, we continue to cultivate a relationship and keep in touch regardless of geography. I have consulted her while in Hong Kong, Canada, the Caribbean and the USA. Over the past decade, Christine has guided me in the use of EFT in addressing multiple levels of anxiety while ensuring optimal performance. Given my goals, anxiety comes in many forms.

A session with Christine is practical, applied with ease and tailored very precisely to one’s personal obstacles that she helps identify. During a session, energy is liberated leaving clarity, reassurance and a coping strategy at one’s fingertips. I feel blessed having Christine’s influence in my life in helping realize my dreams. My personal choices have been a challenge and Christine has always shown such grace and sincerity in aiding me to stay on course. I invite any individual to consult her who aims to realize their goals and cultivate peace along the way.” (G. S. Thibodeau M.D.)

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