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Spring and Summer Allergy Hell

20 April

I’ve often cursed spring and summer just because I’ve felt so ill from the effects of hay fever or seasonal allergies. They make life unbearable and crazy as it sounds I’ve been known to sleep with a damp towel over my head to try and help with the sneezing and wheezing!

Thankfully life has changed enormously since I met Ingrid Ericson out in White Rock BC. Canada. Ingrid is a wizard at coming up with the right formula for correcting the allergy, because it’s rarely as straightforward as an allergy to “grass”! After the initial testing for allergies you usually need to return for a couple more sessions unless it’s something that’s complex. The best thing is to contact Ingrid and talk about your allergy first but if it’s just pollen and the usual summer stuff don’t delay book a session! Save your sanity and begin enjoying the weather!


The other alternative lifesaver, Serena McBeth, a London, England based homeopath that has helped me on numerous occasions with her amazing knowledge of homeopathy and other health and emotional issues. We discovered a mutual ability to work hand in hand and have had some wonderful success working with her radionics machine, homeopathy and flowers remedies to alleviate distress and symptoms. We have also had great success with depressed teenagers and young adults and even some unexplainable conditions that baffle the doctors!

If you can’t get to Ingrid in Canada, think about connecting with Serena and I. We will do our very best to work through a protocol for you and your allergies or other issues. Contact me to talk more about how we can help.

I come from a long line of asthma sufferers and although I didn’t have any symptoms until later on in life a cold can turn into bronchitis faster than a speeding bullet! Summer time is another horrible time for asthma sufferers with all of the pollen and other pollution but since I discovered Buteyko Breaking last year I have hardly had to use my puffer and can manage my lung capacity so much more! It’s much more than just a breathing technique! If you have any illness, high or low blood pressure this simple breathing technique can change your whole life! Here’s a link for one centre, I went to the local college and a I know it’s available at some hospitals so check around and be creative to how you learn. it’s so worth it though , I highly recommend finding out more or giving it a try!


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Maybe there’s an emotional component to how you feel about Spring and Summer? How do you feel about getting out and about in the sunshine and having fun?

  • Are you depressed?
  • Are you struggling with your life, job, relationship?
  • Do you find it difficult to feel good about yourself?
  • What is it that keeps you in that place of suffering?

EFT is know to be one of the fastest ways of shifting your thinking and helping you to live a life that’s enjoyable. don’t get me wrong, usually it’s not a quick fix, it takes courage and determination that enough is enough. When you have reached that place you can make determined steps towards the life that you deserve! I’ve worked with so many people over the past 11 years with EFT and have seen amazing transformation and shifts that make my heart sing!

  • One client told me recently that she has realized that she loves her life, and let me tell you that 2 years ago that same person was a breath away from suicide. The thing is that she is still has the same life she had back then, she just sees it differently! wonderful!
  • Another client says she wakes up and realizes she is happy! Doesn’t sound to be much of an unusual thing? Well she had an awfully sad story from her younger years that’s plagued her for much of her life and so trust me, it’s huge!
  • Just realizing that the fears that were debilitating and such a struggle were not hers but actually someone else’s all together was such a huge break through for one young girl I worked with! Life changing for her in such a big way, she felt she could actually be herself for once!
  • You might be shocked if you knew how many clients are traumatized by having to move from one town and school to another. Tapping can clear the memories really easily and it makes such a difference to relationship issues.

Just a few examples, check out my testimonials on the website to hear about many more.

I’m happy to offer a 15 minute free consultation to establish how I might np be able to help you to change your outlook on life.  Contact me today

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