Start Your Self-Transformation NOW

 Start Your Self-Transformation NOW – the perfect solution for when enough is enough! When you are facing a problem or at a crossroads in life and when life is chaotic and stressful.

A Self-Transformation session is especially useful for when you don’t have someone who you can confide in. It’s exactly perfect for when you’re sick of the problem or the feeling and finally reached the end of the road and just can’t do it anymore! Making this crucial decision to take action and book a session is when your self-transformation begins to takes place!

  • Enough is enough, let’s change it – TRANSFORM
  • Change the thought, change the feeling – TRANSFORM
  • Get over the hurdles, make progress! TRANSFORM
  • Need support? You’ve got it! I’M HERE TO HELP YOU TRANSFORM!
  • Make different decisions – get different results! LET’S TRANSFORM
  • Get clarity, see the bigger picture! TRANSFORM

Together we clear away the clutter from your past that prevents you from Making Achievable Lasting Change – we create Self-Transformation!

Self-Transformation is so freeing!

You’ll be amazed and how surprisingly calm and confident you feel after.

“Christine has been my life coach for almost a year and she has helped me make huge, positive changes in my life. Christine is honest, patient, focused and invested in her clients long term well being. Christine has helped me make light out of the dark and helped me focus on the right things at the right time that results in impactful actions.” (Tricia Vanier Interior Designer)

We can’t change the past, we can only change the way you think about it! 

It’s no exaggeration in saying my first session with Christine started an amazing shift in attitude for me. It was an incredible experience and with Christine’s perception of some issues were unresolved for me, she lead me through a very a powerful EFT session. By the end of the session, I felt that a heavy burden had been lifted from me and I sensed that there was hope for the future! I had been struggling with forgiveness and Christine helped me get to a place where I considered the possibility that I could forgive. My second session brought about a significant shift in my vibration that other people actually noticed. I felt that I was much more open to universal energy and that I had had blocks removed. The heaviness I once experienced that had consumed me, when I thought of the past events, is gone. I was finally able to forgive after almost a lifetime of trying. Christine has a precious gift and I am so grateful to her for helping me to where I am in this journey. I have also learnt a valuable tool which will stay with me throughout my life. Helen Maree (

The more sessions you book in advance the more you save!


Book a Self-Transformation Session

Christine Amala works primarily with EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, a simple and effective self-help practice.  In a session, we tap on acupressure points to balance the body energy system as we talk. The outcome is a shift in our awareness that creates calmer clearer thinking. Miraculously, doors can open once we have shifted the “baggage” we have been holding on to from our past. Christine’s intuitive edge combined with EFT creates achievable lasting change.

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