Success Stories

Here’s some of the success stories that I have received from clients:


Christine is a very Magickal being. She was one of those integral people on my journey, the most perfect person at the most perfect time. She was the first person to introduce me to codes, and light language. She used to hold a weekly healing meditation every Wednesday in Hong Kong where I’d go, week after week and not only work with her codes, but shift through so much with her Mother Whale Sound codes.Yolanda Tong Australia


Your weekly meditations were so key in my growth – I remember they activated my clairvoyance and suddenly I could “see” for the first time in my life! It’s also where I properly connected with Yolanda. I remember listening to your powerful whale sound tones and it cleared my heart pain so deeply. I would always leave feeling so much lighter and centered. It was actually your story of sharing about the now Divine University that set in motion a heart dream for me to attend the self-mastery school with Qala, which finally (and completely unexpectedly) I was able to do. That school changed the course of my life and the adventure continues for which I am so grateful for. You have had a massive impact, thank you for all your gifts and beautiful magick. 💗🙏🏼Katherine El’mara Lucas Hong Kong

Ada May Brown

“Christine’s ability to use her psychic senses in conjunction with her training in EFT has had a wonderful and amazing affect for me. Her ability to tune in and ask just the right questions and then to use those abilities with just the right phraseology to aid her client in removing those here-to-for unrealized blockages is so spot on in every way. Having tried EFT before with very little success I was skeptical, however Christine’s way of bringing her intuitive side into her EFT session with me was absolutely fabulous in aiding me to remove barriers. I would highly recommend booking a session with Christine as soon as possible in order for you too to start moving with the Flow.”

(Ada M. Brown – USA)

Tricia Vanier

“I tried EFT on my own a year ago but was frustrated with my lack of results but when I met with Christine Amala Hayes for 3 EFT sessions that changed my life. Now I trust EFT and feel comfortable doing it on my own after the process was explained and demonstrated to me by Christine. In my sessions I worked on so much emotional baggage that has been a source of anxiety and Christine was warm and sincere. Christine is very caring and generous with her time and spent more time with me than I expected and Iook forward to working with her again.”

( Tricia Vanier – Interior Design & Feng Shui Consultant Vancouver)

Dr Susan Jamieson

“Christine Amala has given me invaluable help and information in my integrative health business, especially with regards to staff, their attributes and how best to utilize their skills. She has also helped in the areas of business direction, marketing, how to communicate with and attract clients. She is quick, grasping situations immediately, and gives insightful advice – on a much deeper level than the average consultant.”              

 (Dr. Susan Jamieson – Medical Doctor – Hong Kong)


“Last week I was overwhelmed and exhausted. Everything seemed so hard and a struggle. I had so much to do and not enough time. I had a session via skype with Christine. Instantly I felt better, that day started to flow and I was more ‘in the zone’ at work. I felt my spark coming back. Her timing, perception and wisdom are impeccable. She’s made a huge difference to my life. Today I feel open, lighter, so much more at ease and in the flow. I’m doing things that I just didn’t have the energy for before. I’m seeing possibilities and opportunities. .Thank you so much Christine for your amazing gifts, it was profound and has deeply touched my soul. ”                                (Christine Ridal Chiropractor, New Zealand)

Akayla Drash

“I met Christine Amala at “The Gaia Sacred Mystery School” in 2003, I can honestly say she is the one that stood out in the crowd with her channeled messages, sound healings, EFT, guidance. She had an open hearted ability to help all those in the group that need her. I have had the absolute blessing of receiving Christine Amala’s healing and guidance. She is so accurate and offers her gently loving heart to help heal those parts that need shifting and really make a difference in your life. Christine Amala has been there when I have needed her and I always feel her amazing energy. I would highly recommend her life changing abilities.”      (Akayla Drash – Spiritual Healer  –  Australia)


“My favourite thing about working with Christine is laughing. With a grounded approach to the business of spiritual development, Christine knows her stuff and is totally approachable, professional and enlightened. Her energy levels and dedication lifted The New Age Shop to new heights. Her meditations and sessions are simple, straight forward and powerful. Be prepared to have too much fun when sharing your journey with Christine.”                                   (Kinzie – Heartbeat – Hong Kong)

Allasonne Lewis


Christine over many years has proved to be a consistently reliable and practiced practitioner of EFT and a wide range of healing arts.  Her ability and willingness to hear and support matters of a personal and/or business nature can only be described as excellent.   I would highly recommend her for her care, dedication and skill.               (Allasonne Lewis – Counsellor & EFT practitioner – UK)


Thomas Moore

Christine’s clarity in her guidance is unparalleled. She has been consistently accurate in her guidance and advise me on many matters both professional and personal. Her guides connect with yours to bring forth understanding and results. I highly recommend Christine for any queries and questions you may have for business or personal growth.       (Thomas J Moore – Harmony Healing Centre, White Rock – Canada

Anne Jones

“Christine and I worked in Hong Kong and I have only heard the most positive feedback from her clients. She is incredibly connected spiritually and psychically and can “read” her clients needs and innermost feelings most effectively. She has also given me great guidance in the past and has a loving manner and a down to earth approach that is both comforting and reassuring. I have no hesitation in recommending her and her services.         (Anne Jones – Author and Spiritual Healer)

Jared & Christine

Christine has the remarkable ability to quickly get to the essence of things. Whether it be; a situation, a problem, a solution, or anything else for that matter, Christine has repeatedly surprised me at just how comprehensive her skills are. Truth can be confronting at times and thankfully Christine communicates with the humility and compassion of someone who is self responsible. I have grown enormously in the short time I have been working with Christine and I encourage anyone who has an interest in self development or healing to experience a session with Christine at least once. (Jared Robinson Actor, Hong Kong)


Christine is strong and supportive. Tender and compassionate. She is a wonderful, sympathetic listener, who just through her being, encouraged others to move forward and beyond their limitations. At the New Age Shop, Christine broke through many barriers in support of what she believes so strongly in, and as a result Christine’s presence there affected our whole community in very positive and profound ways. Thank you!

(Pia Muggerud – Owner & Head Coach, Copia Coaching – Hong Kong)

“Christine is always able to see and get to the root of any issue that I have brought to her over the years. With her Inspired Guidance and masterful use of the Emotional Freedom Technique, I have been able to completely shift and transform limiting beliefs and old patterns that have caused much disruption in my life. I am grateful for the work that Christine has done with me and I would not hesitate to recommend her creative insight and healing gifts to anyone who is searching for a new and better way to live their life.”

(Lynn Edel – Tutor – Vancouver)

I have worked with Christine as a consultant to both my business and my personal affairs, and her guidance and insight has always been right on. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking clarity and guidance around any issue or future decision that they are looking to make and is of great importance to them.

(Vincent Kellsey – Business Coach – Malaysia)

I started to explore spirituality over 20 years ago, and in that time, I have worked with countless healers and psychics.  During that entire period, I have only met a handful who I trust and recommend, and even less that I have continued to work with over a sustained period.  Christine is one of those rare gems.  I first met her in 2006 in Hong Kong and have worked with her ever since, whether in person or via Skype.  Christine is humble and self-effacing.  She will tell you that she simply channels, uses the Matrix or EFT.  Don’t be fooled. She does, but like no other.  She gets right down to the core issue – and then she makes you take responsibility and do the work… and all the while in the background, something magical is occurring…, so that whatever you’re looking at or experiencing shifts. If you are looking for someone to reassure you that it’s all ok or that someone is coming to rescue you – go elsewhere.  If you’re looking for someone to help you change your life and your life experience – go to Christine.  You won’t regret it.        

(Saleema Davies, Lawyer, London, UK.)

Christine has incredible insight and integrity. She has enabled me to be more self-aware and confident.After our sessions I always feel happier, lighter and have a greater appreciation for life and spirituality. Her warmth and sense of humour put me at ease straight away and she has given me an inner strength, which is a wonderful feeling. Thank you for your kindness Christine, you have a very special gift!

(Georgina May, New Mum, England)

Thank you Christine for the work you did with me, it has yielded amazing results not only in my grades but also has helped change the way that I learn and retain information for examinations, it was a great stress reliever as well! I also made the Deans Honour Roll this term and my scholarship is going to be renewed!! (

Jan Rivett – Teacher, Ontario Canada)

Working with Christine is a life-changing and life-affirming experience. Blending her wide-ranging mix of trainings along with her own unique insight, psychic abilities and clarity, Christine offers a powerful space and holding to assist in the healing of any challenge which may be arising in your life. Her sessions are not for the faint-hearted….yet if you are ready to just let go of misaligned and limiting beliefs, without further ado, and step fully into life, then Christine can help you do just that!!

(Kush Modgil, UK)

2 Responses to “Success Stories”

  1. Ally Lewis April 30, 2013 at 7:19 pm #

    Christine over many years has proved to be a consistently reliable and practiced practitioner of EFT and a wide range of healing arts. Her ability and willingness to hear and support matters of a personal and/or business nature can only be described as excellent. I would highly recommend her for her care, dedication and skill. (Allasonne Lewis – Counsellor, Supervisor and EFT Practitioner.)

  2. Julie June 27, 2013 at 9:01 pm #

    Christine is amazing. I have been to see her for help with my children and their needs. She has been so helpful and has provided so much clarity and guidance. It feels as if she knows them personally. She is a very kind and compassionate person and genuinely wants to help. Thank you so much Christine!

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