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Surrendering – Letting Go!

27 January

I took my first “Train the Trainer” course around 1979 at London’s Cafe Royal, while I actually worked at The Grosvenor House in Park Lane. My training buddy was a chef who decided that by the end of the session I would be able to bone a chicken! I still know how after all these years. Since then I’ve been on many training courses and am I’m a qualified group trainer as well as for One to One sessions.

The Crew at The NAS

The Crew at The NAS

It didn’t help me in the slightest when I began to hold group meditations or talks about the work I was doing. I spent hours planning a session I was booked to hold in 2004 at The New Age Shop in Hong Kong. No sweat, I told myself, I had the training, I was totally prepared.
I sat down in front of a group of about 25 people I found myself without a single thought in my head! Blank! It took some strength, just sitting there, trying to get my breath and allow myself to let go, trust and allow. What happened next was not part of the plan. I channelled the entire 1-hour session! No notes, not even memory! And to top it all, I actually held my first ever public “sacred tone session”, something I hadn’t planned!
How did I do it? Well, I surrendered. I stopped my inner fight, took a deep breath and allowed myself to speak the words that were in my head totally trusting that they were making sense! It’s just the same in a personal session. There’s a surrendering where I allow myself to connect with the exact energy that has the answers or the guidance needed for the person I am working with.
Qala Sri’ama Phoenix International Spiritual Teacher and the Gaia Sacred Mystery School’s, one-year intensive course helped me to reach this point of trust and proficiency and I will be eternally grateful.
Sitting there, on the chair, in front of the group and actually doing it – that was Me and all of the support from my Guides, Masters, Angels and AA Angels!
I’m still a student, forever learning, forever surrendering!

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