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Surrogate Tapping is so Amazing!

16 December

MaxSurrogate tapping is so Amazing!
I was reminded the other day in a session with a client to tell the story of the day I was on the beach with friends and their little one 3/4 who was digging in the sand while her Mother and I chatted standing with our feet in the water. One minute later the child was sat almost on top of her Mum’s head screaming and I couldn’t see anything that would cause this reaction. Mum smiled, looked down at our other friends poodle and said “Dog”! Obviously I started with my surrogate tapping. It transpired that Dad had taken the little one to a show that had police dogs in it who attacked the burglar and pulled them to the ground! Since that time she was terrified of all dogs (and why wouldn’t you be!) While Mum and I talked and tapped the little one calmed and claimed down eventually playing in the sand but with one eye on Max (who was the sweetest dog) and eventually forgot about him altogether!
The other marvel of surrogate tapping was my great nephew! His Mum is a hairdresser so it was a bit of a shock that as a baby, every time the hair dryer or vacuum cleaner was turned on he cried. So we tapped and Mum went to get the hair dryer, first putting it on outside of the room and then coming right up to him and blowing his hair with it. Then trying with the hoover/vacuum and again he watched it to begin with as if he wasn’t sure and then lost interest.
Tapping PointsHere’s how you to start it off
Even though my name is (say there full name here) and I’m scared, I’m really frightened and worried, (you can change the words but keep it simple) I deeply and completely accept who I am and how I feel about this.
Even though my name is ———- and I don’t like …….. I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.
Even though my name is ———- and I am so afraid, I’m so scared, I just feel something bad is going to happen I deeply and completely accept myself always
Tap around the points
Eye brow – I’m so afraid
Corner of eye – I’m so frightened
Under eye – I feel so scared
Under nose – I feel so worried
Chin – I’m afraid of what might happen to me
Collar bone – Something bad might happen
Under arm – I feel so upset about this
Top of head – What if I could relax and let go of this fear
Eye Bow – I can’t do that what if it does hurt me
Corner – what if it doesn’t
under eye – what if it does
chin – I’m open to the possibilities that i am safe
Collar bone – i choose to believe that its okay to let go of this fear, this worry, this panic
under arm – it’s easy peasy to let go of this fear, this worry this panic
top of head – it’s melting away like an ice cube in the sun and its such a relief to finally let it go!

Give it a go – you can try it on the kids, the do or the cat! Do what Gary Craig says, try it on anything!

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