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Be The Change you want for 2017

17 December

Be the change you want to see in your own life Bring in a new exciting and freeing way of living for 2017 It’s almost that time of year where we consider how we can go forward and Be The Change we want for the coming year.  We usually assess the past one and make […]

A Journey with Faith and Trust

13 January

I took all the money I had in the bank to buy a cheep ticket to New York when I went to see my friends perform their play in 1998 at the Israeli Embassy. When I lost the ticket I had to wait for a dear friend to help me with her Air miles because […]

Groundhog Day

08 January

Cookery Classes at school were difficult for me because Mum didn’t have the spare the money to buy the ingredient and mostly thought that it was a waste of time. It was deeply upsetting and humiliating for me to be left out. I was sure that I was laughed at by the other kids and […]

Connecting to the Possibilities

07 January

We visited Rosslyn Chapel just outside of Edinburgh a few years ago and paid for the guided tour. The place was full and the guide an elderly guy stood at the front of the Church and told an amazing story that stayed firmly in my mind. The Chapel had fell into very bad repair as […]

Leap of Faith

06 January

A few years ago i got it my head that someone important was coming into my life very soon. I was so sure I bought extra food and prepared my home for that extra special person to arrive. I shared a house at the time and remember my friend getting a phone call that I […]

Wishing You A Prosperous Year of The Goat

05 March
Year of the Goat/Sheep

                Wishing you a Prosperous Year of the Goat Follow:   Life doesn’t always go according to plan! No matter how well you plan ahead sometimes things just don’t work out the way you expect them too! I’ve just got back from my three week trip to Hong Kong, it certainly wasn’t what I expected. At this time […]

Help For The Broken Hearted

28 February
Broken hearted

Aches and pains in the body are often easier to deal with than emotional pain. Anyone who has ever felt broken hearted knows that pain relievers don’t take horrible gut wrenching ache away. Heartbreak comes in many forms too. You may have been left by a lover or partner. It could be your parents that […]

How to Relieve Pain with EFT

25 February

When there is pain in the body it’s often hard to think that there is a solution other than a “Pain Killer”. I know that when I recently fell and injured my ankle I was certainly glad to have access to Ibuprofen and didn’t care what it might or might not do long term. I was […]

Tapping your way to Emotional Freedom with Christine Amala

01 January

Who Am I? Christine Amala Hayes, Amala was the spiritual name I received when I attended the Sacred Mystery School with Qala in New Zealand and Australia. If you look Ama up in the dictionary it means ask me anything. Appropriate I thought! I am a Psychic, Spiritual Development Coach, Advanced Level EFT Therapist, Hypnotist […]

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Disillusioned with Life?

16 September

How sad that someone as brilliant as Robin Williams would take his own life? Could something have been done differently? I’m sure his family and his loved one’s have asked that question more than once, as does anyone who has had the terrible misfortune of losing a family member or someone that is close to them. […]